Harness the Powerful Law of Cause and Effect in 3 Simple Steps

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My client cried on our call. She was emotionally spent.

“Sanae! What is wrong with me? No matter what I do, and how much I put myself ‘out there’, it’s tumbleweeds! I feel invisible!!”

This coaching session inspired me and informed this live-stream and I really want to share it with you.

What I share is a fundamental truth about how we create our own reality.

And what was really going on for my client.

The recording is about 18 minutes long and I share how this truth radically transformed my life. I also share the simple process I took my client through yesterday that had her literally bouncing off the walls from the breakthrough insight.

How might understanding this principle of reality change your money situation? Your debt? Your habit of attracting toxic crappy relationships that make you feel like shit? Your weight?


Your ability to show up large and in charge, and attract wonderful clients?

Like I say, it’s a fundamental truth, universally applicable.

Watch and discover what is in control of your current challenge:

Click the Image to Watch the Video


Mind-blowing stuff right?

If you’re interested in reading more about my debt story, you can check out my book here: Paid in Full: Free Yourself From the Burden Of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!

Comment below and let me know what came up for you!

Love Sanae

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