Are You Hitting A Ceiling In Your Income and Business Growth?

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through to the next level
  • You struggle to overcome undercharging, even though you know you bring amazing value to your clients.
  • You’re stuck selling low-end courses and offering crazy discounts that will never get you to your income goals
  • You’re caught up in a cycle of self sabotage which keeps you locked into the roller coaster of feast or famine results and it’s emotionally exhausting
  • You believe deep down that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams but there is something blocking you and you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and at your wits end
  • You’ve experienced so many disappointments in your business that your confidence has taken a hit and quite frankly?

You’re sick and tired of the struggle!

If any of that resonates with you then first of all, thank goodness you’re here because this is potentially the end of the struggle for you.

Secondly there is NOTHING wrong with you!

And thirdly it’s not your fault.

Fact is, what you’re experiencing are reflections of how you were conditioned to think and feel about money and success growing up.

Call it your paradigm, your blueprint, your conditioning, your programming, your subconscious blocks, upper limits or set points, it all amounts to the same thing!

It’s like some kind of perimeter fence and you’re within it taking action, growing from new experiences and expanding as you’re learning more, earning more, and having a whale of a time.

As you grow and expand outwards you hit the perimeter fence and give you a little electric shock, barely perceptible but enough to trigger your deepest beliefs about yourself.

Suddenly and without conscious awareness, you pull away from the fence because your nervous system has been alerted to some danger on the other side. In order to halt the growth and stay safe, you self sabotage.

Your subconscious mind is running a learned programme that it believes is keeping you safe, by keeping you in the familiar. The moment you step beyond the programme your nervous system experiences it as unsafe.

We throw ourselves under the bus the moment we’ve breached our set point, and most of the time we have no idea what’s going on!

Until that is, we look at our results and realise that we’ve moved one step forward, two steps back…And probably, not for the first time.

Believe it or not, your results are not the reason you feel the way you do.

It’s the other way around. The way you feel about your results, is the reason your results are the way they are.

For example, you might think your debt is creating your feelings of shame, but it’s your shameful feelings that are creating the debt.

Screwy huh?


Let me give you of a quick case study that illustrates a paradigm that is common for many female entrepreneurs:

My client, Gemma, is married with 2 young children. Gemma’s full time online coaching business was coming into its 3rd year when we met.

Her business had a strong start and she rapidly positioned herself as an outstanding coach in her niche.

But suddenly and without warning, the clients stopped coming.

No matter what she did, she struggled to regain traction and rebuild a client pipeline. She felt confused, upset and conflicted because her business was her passion but as she reached out to me, she was asking “At what point do you admit defeat?”

She came to me to reignite her sales but I knew there was something deeper going on. As we explored her paradigms around money, career and success, it emerged that she’d learned at a young age that it’s not possible for a woman to have both a successful career and a successful marriage.
Her own mother sacrificed the career she wanted in order to ensure a “successful marriage” regardless of how happy she actually was.

Gemma started her business with this belief laying sleepy dormant until her initial success triggered it and kicked up conflicting, confusing emotions.

This is when Gemma unwittingly began to self sabotage and produce the results that were aligned with her paradigm.

In the light of awareness, Gemma was able to call out her sabotaging patterns and consciously change her paradigm. Within 4 weeks, the flow of clients started up again and she’s feeling so much more ease in her business.

I chose this particular example because I’ve found the belief that “I can’t have both success and love” to be a fairly common theme among my female clients.

“Change your Paradigm, Change Your Life” – Bob Proctor

To breakthrough the limited paradigm and successfully, and continuously uplevel your business and income the forces of passion and discipline are required:



Your current paradigm got you this far but as the saying goes “what got you here, won’t get you there”

So many entrepreneurs hit the ceiling unknowingly, feel the pain of it and then start back pedaling furiously, trying to replicate or recreate whatever was working before.

I’m not judging, this is exactly what I did! But it’s backwards. You’re being called to grow.

You wouldn’t put your toddler in a one size too small out-fit and wait until her circulation was being cut off and the seams were splitting apart before you get her a new outfit. You put her in a new outfit that she can comfortably grow into.

You’ve outgrown the modus operandi by which you were progressing, and now it’s time to re-align your business with your passion.

This means up-leveling your messaging, your offers and your rates. And very often your ideal client avatar needs an upgrade too.

You’re evolving constantly so why not evolve your business with you?

It’s likely you’ve been feeling out of alignment for some time and even lost your passion so this is critical.

Realigning with your passion creates the mountain moving energy that facilitates an initial breakthrough as you’ll be re-enthused, excited, alive and ready to take on the world! You ditch the fear and frustration.

As you’re re-energised and you’re putting yourself back out into the world with your next level clarity, confidence and conviction, you’ll then need to have the support of discipline (no groans in the back!).



Discipline is true freedom from limitation. The disciplines necessary to bust through your paradigms are faith, focus and self-observation.

Be faithful every single day to your passion and your vision and focus your mind diligently in the direction of your desire.

Spiritual practices of daily meditation, affirmation and visualisation are all flexing the muscle to reprogramme your paradigm.

The idea is that you’ve got to make having what you want feel completely normal and that takes discipline to ensure it’s imbued into your subconscious.

Gemma focused on having both a successful marriage and a successful career.
She visualised, she sought evidence of it outside of her, she consciously built a new paradigm in which she thrived in both. Imagine the knock on effect for her children of her breaking this generational limiting belief!

The discipline of self-observation is essential to this process as you’ll need to be super aware of what happens when you get derailed.

What are your patterns of self-sabotage? How do you talk yourself out of doing those things you know will grow your business? What shows up to suddenly distract you?

Self observation shines a spotlight on your sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you’re no longer ‘unconscious’ and allowing your old paradigm to run your life.

So in a nutshell:

  1. You’re feeling stuck and experiencing the pain and frustration of butting up against the perimeter of your old paradigm.
  2. You’ve outgrown the old way of doing things and it’s time to step out
  3. You’ve got to re-align your business with the power force of your passion. This means uplevelling your message, your offers and your prices to reflect that.
  4. As you show up to the world in this new energy you’ll be pushing beyond your old paradigm which will be resisting you
  5. This is when you must exercise discipline in your faith, your focus and in your growth work until your new paradigm becomes your new normal.

Helpful? Got Questions? Then hit me up in the comments below.

Love Sanae x

P.S. If you’re done with the struggle and you know you need help to uplevel yourself and your business then let’s talk about how I can help you make that happen. Book a Call Today


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