How Big is your ‘but’?

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“That’s my dream but… I’m not good enough/ I don’t know how to/ I don’t have the qualifications/ I can’t afford it/ I’m too old/I don’t have time…Seriously! I don’t have time!” I hear these or variations of these every day.

When was the last time you came across an inspiring quotation that stirred your soul?  Perhaps a film or story jolted you enough to have you sit up and reflect on your life.  At that time you realised that you had been living a life of reaction rather than living a life of design and as you felt inspired to dream again you began to feel exhilarated.  You talked about it with your loved ones and your colleagues for a few days or weeks afterwards, “Life is too short!” you announced and people around you were lifted by your energy.  Maybe you made a decision, a resolve to change something or take some action.  And life, in that moment, was incredibly exciting, you felt empowered and bold.

So what happened? Life just got in the way somehow, the energy wained; the feeling of excitement passed; and you said to yourself that you’ll pick the idea back up again next year.  You said that, except you didn’t.

And this is the story of so many dreams, so many ideas and so many passions that are taken to the grave unfulfilled, never to have seen the light of day, never to have had life breathed into them?  It is the story of why is it that so many people will be denied the unique service, the creativity, the invention, the knowledge, the experience, the story and the legacy of those dreams and ideas?  Why it is that so many people will be denied your unique brand of service, your creativity, your inventions, your knowledge, your experience or your story?

What “BUT” is holding you back?

What happened after those few weeks of energy and excitement?  Where did it go? When I ask people that very question, I am often told “Oh, life got in the way” or “I didn’t know where to start” or “ I can’t…”  What they are actually saying is “I’m afraid”.

These are all powerful fictions that stop you dead in your tracks.  These are the stories that you fall for, that keep you stuck and inhibit your ability to see the opportunities that are passing you by every single day.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts” Buddha.

The great news is that your subconscious mind is non-judgmental and does not distinguish between genuine and true beliefs and those that are false.  Your brain filters information that is consistent with your beliefs and which fits your picture of the world, and it filters out information that is irrelevant and does not fit with your picture.

What you expect to happen to you often does, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is the case for limiting and negative beliefs but it is also true when it comes to being bold and holding on to positive thoughts and beliefs.   Henry Ford famously said “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t youre right   This is why affirmation can work so powerfully, you become what you think about all day long. Good or bad.

So, if you tell yourself you can’t, then you won’t but if you tell yourself you can, then you probably will.

This is why today is the perfect day to get off your “but”, and to stand up and make a commitment to yourself. Everything you need to get started is within you already.  It begins when you commit to the dream, when you stand up and say “Enough! I can do this.  I will do what it takes.  I will make the commitment to my relationship, to my children, to my business”.

And as you begin to take action…well, let’s just say for now that this is when your miracles happen….





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  1. Jeremy Meadowcroft

    How refreshingly Inspiring. I will ring you tomorrow,. . . . no, . . .I `ll ring you . . NOW !


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