How I manifested my debt free reality

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I want to begin this message by reminding you that you are never NOT “manifesting”!!  We just have to make the distinction between manifesting consciously and deliberately through application of skilful practice and knowledge and manifesting unconsciously and getting undesired results.

So, on to my story:  This actually happened!!!!!

I had wrestled with debt for over 23 years.  I had a constant background hum of shame, guilt and secrecy around my credit card debt and year on year, as hard as I tried to clear it and no matter how much I earned, I just seemed to perpetuate more!

At the beginning of 2018 I reached my “pain threshold” as Tony Robbins calls it, in relation to my debt.  I hit my “enough is enough” when a payment got declined because I’d maxed out my final card and a subsequent conversation with another coach opened my eyes to the significance of my situation.

My coach friend remarked “Wow! You must be very strong – many people commit suicide over less [debt]”.  That shocked me wide awake and I knew I had to do something fast or else I’d wind up totally depressed and in deeper than I could fathom.

I knew change had to come from the inside (hey, I’m a personal development junkie so I knew this much!) but I also had a lifetime of evidence that the multiple debt repayment strategies I’d tried over the years were NOT the answer!!
Like a dieter who exclaims “I’ve tried every diet on the market and nothing works for me!”  It wasn’t a lack of strategy that I was suffering from!!

I had to go within…

So long story short: Within 6 months of deciding to take my power back I repaid almost all of my £50k debt and I knew I’d turned a corner mentally.  I then went to work to write my book called “PAID IN FULL” because what I’d learned in those 6 months were profound and life changing and I wanted to share it.

So, how did I do it?

I knew that in order to change my results, I had to change how I identified myself in the context of money and debt.  This was where the power of visualisation was extremely valuable.  Every day, sometimes multiple times a day I imagined how I’d feel being paid in full, I visualised my book being published and I saw myself talking to people about how they can help themselves become free “just like I had!”.  Through repetition, I imprinted this experience onto my subconscious mind until it became “a memory”.

This created a state change, over time, in who I was being.  The more I resonated as someone who did not have debt, the less I worried about it, and the more money and prosperity I attracted.

So what did I experience when I imagined my desired outcome?

MARCH 2018: My whole body felt electric! I was simply bursting with joy.  I was crying happy tears…In my imagination…I sobbed tears of relief, pride, joy, elation, satisfaction and a sense of endings and new beginnings.

The I saw myself getting ready for a special evening with Jeremy.  I gift-wrapped my book, smiling to myself because god knows how I kept the book a secret from him for all this time!! I’m normally rubbish at keeping exciting secrets to myself!!  I’d prepared the works!! Hotel booked! Champagne on Ice, new dress, new hairdo, nails, facial – I was scrubbed, buffed, moisturised and I felt a million dollars!! I was literally floating on air!

I was beyond excited to see Jeremys’ face as he unwrapped this gift and the realisation of what it mean dawned on him. He can barely believe it!”  

Extract from “PAID IN FULL – Free yourself from the burden of debt and live your best life now!” Sanae Floyd 2018.

This visualisation kept me going when doubt crept in and I held true to it…

On the 22nd December 2018 the events exactly as I visioned, manifested.  I was paid in full and published and I was able to present Jeremy with a copy of my book and all that it meant for us.

I captured the magical moment on camera and you can see it here:

I manifested the money, the people, the resources and the circumstances that took me from feeling overwhelmed with shame and sinking in debt to being paid in full, published and living an empowered and joyful life.

All through changing my state of being at a core level.  Visualisation was by far one of the most powerful techniques that I practised.

I also learned other principles for raising awareness to my subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs and as I slayed them one by one, I was able to move steadily in the direction of my life long goal in such a short space of time.

I am so excited to be able to share what I’ve learned and take you through the step by step process to mastering your subconscious mind and harnessing your power to create the reality you desire.

Paid in Full is my 8 week live coaching programme kick-starting with a live on-line workshop on Saturday 6th April.

 Discover the power of your subconscious mind
Raise your conscious awareness to your chronic patterns of thought and beliefs that may be blocking you from achieving the results you desire
Take the simple 5 minute action steps that will transform your perception and experience of money and debt
You’ll discover PAID IN FULL as a state of mind and a state of being
Transform your shame and guilt to self love and self acceptance
Open yourself to more receptive and resourceful states of mind to greater creativity, opportunity and possibility.

This is an on-line group programme within a safe, supportive and loving environment. Click below to get more details and to secure your spot!!


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