How (Mummy) Guilt Is Blocking You From More Clients and Cash!

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I love September!  For me it brings along with it a sense of excitement, newness and growth.  Clearly this is part of the conditioning from the academic system here in the UK.  After the long summer break, the return to a new school term with brand new school uniform, new shoes, white socks and my favourite thing of all, new stationary!  Yippee!  (Remember fruity scented erasers?  Mmmmm)

It’s been a long hot summer!

And now your own kids are back at school, and you’re excited to refocus and double-down on your coaching business activities minus all the activities and noise.

Oh! And minus the guilt.

Urgh! What is it about mummy guilt!??  It can be so debilitating!

I don’t know about you, but mummy guilt used to make me feel like I was failing as a parent. I’d feel neglectful when (trying to) work while the kids were at home, I’d feel selfish for wanting to go for my morning run and I’d make over-compensatory guilt-ridden compromises “OK guys, give me an hour to work and then let’s go grab pizza and a movie!”

The majority of my clients are mothers and they all say the same thing – when it comes to balancing motherhood and business they struggle, feeling simultaneously irritable and frustrated on one hand, and then resigned on the other…leading to yet more guilt!

Once the kids are back at school, there’s an audible sigh of relief.  Relief from the guilt.  We’re essentially telling ourselves “Ah, now I can relax and re-focus on myself and my business without feeling bad!

What’s wrong with that message?


At it’s core it’s a message of “I don’t deserve”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m insignificant”, “My wants and needs don’t matter” “I don’t have value” or messages to that effect.

These beliefs are running the show and situations arise that continually reinforce them and we respond in ways that perpetuate the corresponding emotional state i.e We feel guilty for being “selfish”

If these beliefs are operating within your subconscious, they’re going to adversely affect your ability to accept and receive with ease and grace.

In other words, they are going to cause you to sabotage your best efforts to make more money in your coaching business..

You need to deal with the root cause of your guilt, which is to say, you must CLEAR these limiting beliefs from your system!

This is the quickest way to enjoying life as a present and empowered role-model for your children, and creating the freedom and fulfillment that comes from running a highly profitable, passion based business. You CAN have both!

Once I cleared my own limiting beliefs that were at the root of my mummy guilt, and causing me to stall in my business, everything shifted. It was like a miracle and I was able to give more quality time, focus and attention to the present moment – whether I was at my lap-top or sitting with my children. Everything felt lighter and imbued with love.

Here are some of the ways that these guilt-inducing limiting beliefs may show up in your business:

  • You’re struggling to raise your rates because you don’t believe people would pay you want you want to charge, so you’re massively under- earning your potential.
  • You’re exhausted and feeling burnt-out in your business because you’re working so hard and yet seeing very little ROI for your efforts.
  • You’re attracting the “I can’t afford you” folks. These prospect clients are a match to your services and yet when you tell them your rates, they don’t see the value. This response is a vibrational match to your limiting beliefs.
  • You have clients that actually drain you rather than energise and excite you. They overstep your boundaries and yet you give in to their demands because it’s ‘easier and quicker’

You’ve got to tend to your roots, if you’re going to bear the fruits.

This is why it’s so important to me to take my clients through the paces with the mindset work!

My Coaches Business Accelerator programme is a deep dive coaching and mentoring experience that deals with your blocks and limiting beliefs while also giving you the practical road map and actionable strategies to accelerate your business to consistent 5-figure months.

I have a few spots opening this month for passionate coaches who are looking to bust their upper limits once and for all and create the life and business they’ve always dreamed about.

Book a call and let’s talk about how I can support you: Book A Call

Peace and love


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