How Often Should I Post?

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Q) How often should I post?
A) How hungry are you?


That was the response I heard once from a 7 figure LinkedIn Coach to this question of how often to post.

It made me laugh. Genius I thought. Also, true.

So? How hungry are you?

To quote Les Brown “You gotta be HUNGRY to go after your dreams!”

We know that’s true, right? But you also want something more than platitudes and cliches to create that cognitive shift that will get you into ACTION and posting daily. (Yep, daily)

First thing I want to share with you is a piece of research that I read about in Marcus Sheridan’s amazing book on inbound content marketing called “They Ask, You Answer”.

Basically we are in an information age – some might say it’s information overload – but nevertheless this information age has changed consumer buying behaviour and habits.

And research has shown that 70% of a consumer’s decision to buy has already been made, before they contact the company.

What does this mean? It means that the line between marketing and sales has completely blurred. It means that consumers, that is, you and I, research and read about the product, service or company first.

We consume content in order to make our decision. Content is still king.

And this buying behaviour is irrespective of type, size or location of business.

Even if people in your target audience aren’t ready to buy, they’ll be seeing your stuff. You’ll be front and centre when they are ready.


Another reason to post consistently, like daily, is based in evolutionary psychology.


It’s simply about familiarity. We prefer, and have greater levels of trust for, that which is familiar, over anything which is new and novel.

When you’re showing up consistently, sharing what you know, giving value with your ideal client front of mind, and you’re being authentic, you rise above the noise.

I’ll never forget one of my very early doors coaches saying to me “You’ll rise like cream”. For some reason those 4 words struck me and I’ve stuck by them.

People in your market start paying attention and you separate yourself as an EXPERT.

Building trust. Building familiarity with what you do, who you help and what you stand for.

You’ll also develop your self confidence and self-esteem because you’re contributing.

Again, this was a massive shift for me – there were times when I was so attached to the outcome of every post. Hyper-vigilant with stress, worrying about money or fearful of being judged as too much, or not enough.

Whenever you’re in that mental space, your focus narrows and you forget why you came into this business in the first place.


The moment you widen your focus to those people you’re here to help? And you show up and talk to them, every day, and you contribute from a desire to make a difference?




You start having fun. You’re no longer attached. You’ll find yourself inspired to share more and it just gets easier and easier.

All the time, you’re building credibility, and as I always say credibility closes clients!

You don’t need to be qualified to running a successful coaching business, but you do need to be credible in order to attract clients.

Plus, think of all that content you can re-purpose. My VA takes my content, re-purposes it and when I’m relaxing and spending time with loved ones, my content is still going out there.

What if I’m annoying?

Again, another early doors coach responded to me when I said this with “Who’s paying your bills?”

Which was a loving kick up the butt but the question back is “What if someone finds you annoying?” Who cares?

They’ll stop watching you, they’ll un-follow, they’ll unsubscribe and that’s a good thing because they’re not your people anyway!

Plus Social Media moves so fast that not all of your people will see all of your content all of the time.

Helpful? I hope so.


Sanae 💜

P.S. Ready to take your coaching business beyond the yo-yoing and struggle of feast or famine income? Want to make 10k months your new normal?

Book a call with me and let’s talk about how we can help you make that happen.


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