How Sold are you on YOU?

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As a Business Breakthrough Coach for Coaches.  I work with women all over the world to help them increase their impact and their income through effective, elegant heart-centred selling.

I believe that we, women entrepreneurs, are in exciting times as more and more women are choosing to embark on a new path of intended purpose.  Never before in history have there been such a movement of women setting themselves up in service-based businesses.  I’ve seen the increase in affectionate terms from Fempreneurs to Biz-Queens, from Lady-Bosses to Biz-Mums! It’s inspiring, fun, daring and exciting!

I work with these “Biz-Babes”. I adore them.  I am one of them after-all.  I quit my 9-5 against all the ‘best-advice’ from my loved ones (my dad’s voice ringing in my ears “You’re a single mother, with a mortgage and all the other financial responsibilities…what if you’re sick? What if you fail? What if…? What if…?”)…I believe that makes me a ‘Bad-ass Biz-Babe’.  Anyway, I digress. 

As more and more women choose entrepreneur instead of employed they have to become savvy in sales. They have to sell themselves and their services and this requires clarity, conviction and of course CONFIDENCE.

As I speak to women coaches in the first 6 – 12 months of their businesses, my experience is that the greatest selling job they have to commit to daily is the selling job they do on themselves. I meet incredible women every day who have strong missions, powerful messages and a burning desire to succeed in their business…and yet they doubt themselves.  They question their self-worth.  They use self-effacing language and they feel consumed with the fear that they are not ‘good enough’.

Well if this is you I want to share some snippets of the coaching calls that I have had this past week

1) Client “I can’t see why anyone would pay ME to coach them on their money matters when I’ve been such a financial screw up” She has worked her way out of $63k credit card debt; $13k bank loan and a mortgage in arrears and she’s completely in the black financially. Hello?

2) Client “I can do fiction, but fact? No, I’m flat. I don’t have a story like other coaches seem to”. I asked her to tell me her story. I fed back her story. We both cried together on the call at the power and depth and pain of her story.

3) Client “Am I enough? How can I tell people how to run their online business?” This lady already manages two on-line businesses; her new business coaching biz is her 3rd…Hello??

4) Client “I’m lacking confidence that I’m good enough with the service I offer”. This nutrition coach cured her 2 year old son’s chronic asthma and has kept him off steroids since by implementing her nutrition expertise. Hello?

What BS are you harbouring?

My plea to you is simply this, for the sake of the clients you were BORN to serve, get sold on YOU!  You are enough, you have everything you need and you just need to get out of your own way. 

If this resonates with you in any way then Id love to hear from you.  Lets connect.

Love and Gratitude always

Sanae x



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