How to Attract Coaching Clients from Social Media

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Hey Coach,

If you’re embarking on your journey to become an online Coach, you need to master Social Media and get really comfortable with being visible so your ideal clients can find you.

You want to get known for what you do and stand out from the crowd and that requires having some foundations underpinning your activity.

Knowing your Coaching Niche and Your Ideal Client Avatar is critical of course, as is being consistent with your strategy.

In this short video, I share with you 6 foundations that have been the bedrock for me and enabled me to create a 6-figure income for my coaching business, from Facebook alone.


I hope you found this enlightening and inspiring!  Now it’s your turn to get really visible on behalf of your business and those folks who are waiting for you!!

Love Sanae

p.s If you want to dive deeper and develop a plan to apply these strategies to your business then why not book a discovery call with me today?  I’ll help you connect to your passion and purpose for coaching and develop the confidence to make your dream business into a profitable reality.

I want to book a discovery call today!


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