How to ATTRACT the “I’m IN!” Clients and REPEL the “I can’t afford it”‘s

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My client was frustrated because all her discovery call conversations ended the same way, with the same objection:  “I can’t afford it / I don’t have the money“…no matter how great the rapport between herself and her prospect or how great the need for her services was!
Can you relate to this frustrating situation?
I got the below message from the same client after our call during which we looked at what was going on and I had to chuckle as my client has such a way with words 🤣🙊


But I wanted to share the scenario that led to this client’s particular breakthrough because it may just resonate with you.

My client is experiencing some frustrations…in spite of all of the good stuff that is going on such as:
She is ‘showing up’ with clarity and conviction in her ability to deliver amazing results for her ideal clients 👌💪👏💥
She is attracting her dream clients and her calendar is getting booked up with discovery calls!! Exciting!! 💫🎉🎆🎯


However, she is frustrated because once she’s on the phone with these prospects, no matter how great the rapport and the need for her services is, she keeps getting the same objection “I can’t afford it / I don’t have the money”

We’ve worked on her sales calls before and I know her process is robust (because I taught it!).  I knew that there must be something deeper going on 🔍and I needed to look beyond the obvious…
As we talked my client shared what has been a tough few weeks with lots of demands being made on her. With it also being holiday season – she’s feeling a little wrung out and exhausted. She’s feeling short tempered with the kids and irritable at hubby …sounds familiar, right?
This amazing lady was giving, giving, giving. Putting everyone else first, meeting the needs of those around her with out taking care of herself and her needs.
Putting herself last from a place “I’m not important” 😮 and feeling very unhappy about the whole situation.
This ALL equates to a feeling of “I’m not worthy – I have NO value“…
And the TRUTH is:
Unless you value yourself, nobody will value you either.
And when you’re vibrating at a frequency of “I have no value”…you will attract prospects who are a match to that vibration. The “I can’t afford it” people.
When you value yourself, others will value you
When you take yourself seriously, others will take your seriously too
When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.
The BUCK always stops with you. It’s a Universal Law.
The exercise that I shared with my client is the daily RAISING YOUR SELF VALUE exercise.  Simply put It’s said that your net worth never exceeds your self worth.
If you want to increase your income and your capacity to allow money into your experience with ease AKA repel the “I can’t afford you” people then you need to increase your self-worth.
This exercise is so powerful and I’ve seen my clients experience phenomenal shifts in their reality from doing this from as little as just 10 days!
Every evening before you go to bed write out 10 ways that you added value that day e.g. “I added value today when I helped my client with XYZ; I added value today when I smiled at the stranger in the street and brightened her day; I added value today when I phoned mum and we had a giggle; I added value today when I share a Top Tips post on Social media…” 

Not only are you focusing on your own self worth and self value as you drift off to sleep, but you’re also training your brain to seek out evidence to back up self-worth and value. As you raise your internal vibration frequency to increased self worth you’ll attract more premium paying clients and the “I can’t afford you” people will fall away

The very same client practiced this exercise and within a month made her first £3k.
Not bad eh?
Sanae xx


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