How to Cut Through the Noise on Social Media and Attract and Enrol your Dream Coaching Clients

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You’ve been doing everything that the ‘guru’s’ have taught you about making money as a coach in the online space.

You know the kind of stuff, post daily on social media, build your lead magnet, sales funnel, nurture your email list… and the list goes on.

Have you tried it all and still you’re not attracting anything near the steady stream of clients that you’d dreamt of?

You feel like you’re spinning your wheels launching endless low ticket offers. Are you chopping and changing your messaging and feeling light years away from the freedom you’d imagined when you started your business?

And to make matters worse, you’re a driven high achiever type! Which means you’ll drive yourself harder, work longer and take yourself to the brink of burnout to make your business work. So when it doesn’t it can totally rock your confidence and your self-belief.

I know that 3 am feeling!

There were times in my coaching business journey when I was completely hypervigilant! I was like some crazy lady with madness behind her eyes, exhaustion running through her veins and a gritted tenacity fixed into her jaw! Not pretty!

I remember one particular week when the only daylight I saw was when I took the bins out #nojoke.

Fact is, I needed to make money! I had no other means of income and I’d quit my well paid 9-5 corporate gig full of eager enthusiasm to leap into the unknown! I didn’t know what I didn’t know and so as a single mother with 11-year-old twins to feed and a mortgage to pay, the pressure was on.

I invested $$$$’s in business coaches and courses. I tried so many different strategies but nothing seemed to work.

My breakthrough came during one particular agonising conversation with an elderly couple who asked me what I did for a living. I told them I was a life coach, to which they enquired “Oh? What does that mean?”
I looked at them, knowing they’d lived through the 2nd World War, rationing and the blitz! I suddenly found myself completely unable to justify my profession!! I felt embarrassed! It all felt so fluffy, airy-fairy and pointless.

I came away from that conversation realising that this was my problem: I wasn’t attracting clients because I didn’t know what I did as a coach! I couldn’t articulate how I help people or why anyone would want to hire me!

I embarked on an inner journey to figure out what my purpose was, what I was most passionate about and how I could build my business around that.

This was when everything changed for me! Within a few short weeks, I was attracting and enrolling my dream clients and selling packages for £2k. Following that realization, I increased my rates and started making £10k plus months. I realised that I’d cracked the code on what it really takes to shift the needle on your success as an online coach.

If where you’re at right now resonates with my early days’ frustrations then read on.

I want to share with you my fluff-free 5 key steps to cut through all the noise on social media and attract and enrol your dream coaching clients.

This has worked for countless coaches and it will work for you too! And I’m not talking about adding complex tech, fancy funnels or paid advertising. I want to help you make the money upfront, so you can outsource all of that when you’re ready.

Ok, let’s dive into step #1.

Master your meteoric Mindset:

It’s said that 80% of your success in any endeavour is down to your psychology, only 20% is about the strategy.

This is especially true when it comes to your business success. No amount of fancy marketing can make up for the client repellent energy of fear, desperation and scarcity.

You must get laser-focused on what it is you want. And then do the daily inner work to align your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to that desired outcome.

If you want to become a successful 6-figure coach, then you must become it on the inside first.

As within, so without. By going to the spiritual gym every day and flexing your mindset muscle through affirmations, visualisations and journaling you’ll experience significant shifts in who you’re being, and therefore what you’re attracting.

When my client Omozua, a leadership empowerment coach came to me she was struggling with imposter syndrome. She was full of self-doubt which was preventing her from fully showing up and sharing her message with confidence. As a result, she was not attracting any clients.
We did the work on her mindset, starting with getting her crystal clear on what she wanted. She applied the mindset strategies and within 4 weeks she was live-streaming on social media with confidence and she attracted and enrolled 2 dream clients making 8000 Euros!

A rock-solid and empowered mindset pay dividends!

Let’s talk about shift #2. I call this shift Alignment Alchemy.

This step is about aligning your business with your purpose and passion, defining your genius and who it is that you’re here to serve, your dream client.


People buy people. People are going to be drawn to you when you’re operating from your zone of genius, doing what you love, standing in your power as the credible expert and speaking with passion and purpose.

You become impactful and influential in your marketing.

My client Stacey, an empowerment life coach came to me literally on the brink of throwing in the towel. She’d invested $000’s in courses and programmes that left her deeper in debt and more disheartened than ever…the frustrating thing for Stacey was that she’d been showing up for almost 2 years and she had hundreds of followers, but it became very clear that these people weren’t her people – she was marketing to the wrong audience because every time she put an offer out there…crickets…everyone disappeared! She felt hurt, angry and even resentful.

I helped Stacey to pull back the curtain on her true zone of genius, what it was about her that set her apart and who her true dream clients are and within just 90 days, she’d had her first 5-figure month!

Alignment Alchemy is truly a powerful energetic quantum level shift!

As for shift #3, I call it Simplify and Scale with Your Signature Solution!

This is about you dropping those old patterns of playing small and undercutting your value with low hanging fruit offers. You can rapidly add $$$$’s to your monthly income by creating a high end, high value, an exclusive package that promises and delivers transformation.

I know many of the gurus are teaching you to ascend your clients up a value ladder starting with your $7k e-book, then your $297 course etc…until finally, you can sell them your $5k coaching.

These are complex funnels that require techy know-how, a huge audience and an ads budget. None of which I had…and I’ll wager you don’t either (otherwise you’d probably be sipping mimosas on the beach and Instagramming your laptop lifestyle instead of reading this)

I want to see you standing in your power as the gifted and knowledgeable expert in your niche and crafting an offer that is an embodiment of all of your gifts, skills, talents and experience.

Without adding a high-end signature solution to your portfolio, you’ll always be on the treadmill of having to chase down the next client, just to make ends meet.

When my client Karita, a personal branding coach first approached me, she was exhausted and caught up in the cycle of selling low ticket courses and programmes. After we worked on aligning her with her genius and clarifying her dream client, she closed a client for $24k Aus ($17.5k).

You don’t need many of those a year to hit your 6-figure income goals!

Shift #4 is Master your Message

So now it’s time to rise above the noise online and position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche, with a crystal clear message.

To dial into your message you need to be able to clearly articulate the following.

Who you are; This is your credibility story.
What you do; The problem you solve and how you solve it AKA your Niche.
Who you do it for; Your dream client with the specifics of her pains, frustrations, hopes and desires.
Your Why; Your purpose.

When you show up with a clear message, standing in your power, rocking your zone of genius and speaking directly to the hearts of your dream clients, guess what?

You cut through the noise! You’re no longer invisible! Your clarity, your confidence and your credibility closes clients.

Every single one of my clients is amazed at how quickly they start attracting high-quality clients when their message is on point.
Tish, a resilience coach, had built her business over a 12 month period and had written a #1 best selling book on resilience. Yet, in spite of her consistent visibility, she wasn’t attracting clients. We worked on dialling into her message and within just 2 weeks, she attracted 2 new clients, one of which signed up for 12 months worth of coaching! She also received an exciting speaking opportunity to share her message to a new audience.

Now the final shift is enrolling with ease.

I’ll give it to you straight, you’ve got to master sales to be successful in business. For the past 20 years, I’ve been helping service-based professionals and entrepreneurs to master sales and close clients with confidence and ease. There’s not much I haven’t experienced, and overcome when it comes to sales! Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly!

Many coaches feel pushy and out of integrity, I hear this a lot: “I feel bad trying to sell to somebody when they’re in pain!”
Feeling out of integrity is a sign that you’ve introduced your offer too soon in the conversation.

Also, you may find yourself nervously talking too much! Your mouth runs away with you as you’re so enthusiastic about your services but also subconsciously delaying the awkward moment when you have to talk MONEY or handle the inevitable objections (inevitable because you didn’t handle the call with ease!)

This verbal download has your prospect feeling like they’ve just taken a drink from a fire hose! It’s overwhelming for them and you wind up talking yourself out of the sale! My client, kelly, a spiritual intuitive coach, used to literally talk herself out of the sale because she didn’t have a structure to her conversations. I helped her craft her expert positioning story and develop a sales structure that was aligned with who she is and felt authentic. She started confidently closing sale after-sales and in one month closed $26k in sales!

The key is to have a structure to your sales call in which you ask powerful questions and dig deep into your prospects’ pains and frustrations, as well as her hopes and dreams. As the conversation leads into how you can help your prospect solve her #1 problem, continuously refer back to your conversation so your solution is 100% relevant to her unique situation.

In this way, your prospect will feel truly heard and understood and you offering your services at this point would be in complete integrity.

In summary:

Do your inner work and flex your mindset muscle.
Define your Genius and who you serve.
Craft your Irresistible high value, high-end signature solution.
Dial into your message so you’re positioning yourself as the credible, go-to authority in your niche and finally.
Develop a sales structure that enables you to dig deep and establish your prospects hopes and dreams, as well as their pains and frustrations.

Sales and marketing this way takes time, but as you’ve probably already discovered, the trouble is, everything else takes longer.


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