How to Eliminate Struggle, and Enjoy Ease and Flow In Your Life and Business

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If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s talking a good struggle.

We struggle because business is tough, it’s a jungle out there!

We struggle to stick to a schedule, it’s so hard to follow through on our plans

We struggle to find the time, there so much to do!

We struggle to manage our mindsets, our default chatter brings us down

We struggle with overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage…

And on it goes…

It dominates, but what really is struggle? And is it necessary to our accomplishments?

Struggle is a state of being.

It’s effort imbued with negative emotion and desperation.

And it completely opposes the natural order of life.

To quote the great English philosopher, Stuart Wilde “Life was never meant to be a struggle”

The problem is that we were raised to believe that in order to achieve great things, or anything of note, we have to work really hard. There’s no gain without pain! There’s great virtue in struggle.

So, we tend to create situations that match our beliefs and world view. If I struggle, then I’ll be worthy of respect, love, recognition.

But of course, that never works because as soon as you start to experience ease and flow, you sabotage yourself to reclaim the familiar.

Struggle is not only NOT necessary to your accomplishments, but it’s a major hindrance. It’s a self perpetuating cycle and keeps you stuck in a loop.

You’ve got to start today to raise self-awareness to the struggle stories you’re telling yourself so you can objectify them and recognise them for what they are. Lies to keep you small.

Let go of these stories and realise that you can happily make an effort – in fact I recommend putting in the effort, but do so MINUS the negative emotion and the desperation.

And that’s when your efforts will bear fruit as you move forward with more ease and flow, and this is when the resources, the support, the creativity, the clients and the money will flow in too!

Peace and love

Sanae x


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