How to Get Visible (and Attract More Clients) Via Facebook Live-Stream, Without The Terror!

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Hey gorgeous!

I vividly remember the white hot shame of my first Facebook live-stream.  Every old story of not being good enough was triggered and my monkey mind was going crazy chattering “You were rubbish! What the HELL where you talking about!! Nobody wants to listen to you! You’re embarrassing!”

It would have been very easy to press “delete” and just stay safe (read: Small) and continue writing and blogging.

Whilst I knew this fear was something I had to overcome in order to attract my dream clients there was a bigger purpose and meaning behind it.   That was (and still is) my burning desire to be heard and get my message out into the world.  A big part of my story includes the pain of not using my voice, of playing small and not shining my light for so many years.  If I didn’t push through my visibility fears I would be continuing that story and not helping anyone!

My passion was palpable.  I HAD to show up!

I went through many months and months of angst – there would be the occasional day that I’d feel like a rock-star and fearlessly show up – followed by 5 days of hiding and feeling like I’d over-stepped myself and made a fool of myself!

As time went on, I grew in confidence and realised that there were some key components to making the whole process easier and even fun…and that was what I so badly wanted.  I wanted to enjoy showing up, I wanted to have fun and for that enjoyment to be expressed to my audience.

Now I go live almost every day and receive countless messages from people saying “I love your energy” and “Wow! That really resonated!” and I get to serve.   Video and live-streaming has enabled me to grow my coaching business and serve new clients month in, month out creating a consistent and very lucrative income as well as getting spotted by multi-7 figure coaches and asked to guest expert for their audiences.

If you’re ready to get more visible via video and live-stream then watch my Facebook live-stream on this very topic by clicking on the link below.

Watch my Live Stream “Top Tips for Getting Visible via Facebook LiveStream – Without The Terror!”


Sanae x




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