How to go from feeling invisible on Social Media to feeling Invincible!

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Are you feeling disheartened and invisible because you’re showing up and posting on Social Media but nobody is responding?

You wonder…is anyone there? Is anyone even listening?

It’s very easy to spiral down the rabbit hole of despondency, thinking you’re doing something wrong and then seeking out the next shiny solution!

Let me share with you 5 key mindset and perspective shifts that will help you avoid the rabbit hole so you can continue to show up, loud and proud, and continue to share your message.

Because when you do, momentum ALWAYS shifts in your favour…guaranteed!

[Quick caveat: I’m assuming that you’re clear on your niche and your ideal client avatar.  That you do know what problem you solve and you’re not flip-flopping from niche to niche with no clarity in your message! If you’re struggling with this then stop reading and book a call with me as that’s my zone of genius otherwise read on…]

OK, so back to the 5 key mindset and perspective shifts that will help you avoid the rabbit hole so you can continue to show up, loud and proud, and share your message. (IF you prefer to watch/listen you can watch my live-stream replay of this content here).

1) You’ve become a coach because you’re passionate about helping people.

I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve been through some struggles, some challenges that you’ve navigated and overcome, and as a result, changed your life for the better.

And now you have wisdom, skills, and experiences that you’re deeply passionate about sharing with others…which is why so many coaches also are speakers and authors or are aspiring to be. You have a message to share! Am I right?

So share it!! Come at your daily work from that place and share your message, share your wisdom, teach what you know, and become the speaker who impacts millions now!

You’re here to uplift people, to be a torchbearer, to shift mindsets and perspectives, and to be seen as the expert you are…

So, how do you do that?

Show up and share, teach, give, add value and your platform is Social Media. The more you show up and share, the more you’ll raise your visibility and your profile, and the more the algorithm-thingies will work in your favour!

Which leads me to point number 2:

2) Contribute: If you’re just showing up because you want clients and you’re thinking “what will this get me?” all the time, then you’re in the energy of “take, take, take” – icky and repellent.

Come from the energy of “give, give, give” and watch what happens!! As you consider your value message every day ask yourself “What message can I share today that will impact my audience? How can I best add value today? What do my audience need to hear today? What truth can I put out there today that will support my ideal clients?”

I often think to myself “If my post helps just one person today then my work is done” and I’m happy.

However, when you give, the universe gives you more to give. When you take, more gets taken away from you.

3) Practice non-attachment. Right when I needed it, I read an article about Steve Jobs in which he was talking about “shipping your work”

Basically, create your content (your best work) and ‘ship it’ AKA put it out there and come back to your desk and start creating again. Create and ship. Create and ship. Create and ship.

Don’t create a post or live-stream and then obsess about the engagement and continuously refresh your notifications to see who has commented or liked it!

Always put your stuff out there with love and then let it go!

4) Know that your people ARE watching you!!

99% of my clients have come to me to work with me and said “I’ve been following you for months!” and I had no idea. It makes me laugh because these same coaches implement what I teach about attraction marketing. They end up saying to me with happy disbelief “My ideal clients are reaching out to me and said they’ve been following my stuff and I didn’t even know!”. I remind them of how we met!

Your people are watching you from the sidelines before taking the leap. They just might not be ready yet to do the work or perhaps they’re just wanting to get to know you more and build more trust first. You’ll lose them in a heartbeat if you disappear on them. Just because you listened to your devilish ego telling you that it’s no good, nobody is watching!

5) Change your FOCUS

I wrote this piece for a specific client because she said these exact words to me “Is anyone there? Is anyone even listening?” in a moment of despondency.

The point is, that when this particular coach does show up and has a “run” of consistency, she DOES attract clients!!

But she’s so focused on the gap between where she is and where she wants to be that she fails to see and acknowledge what is working and what is going well. Perhaps you can relate?

And when you don’t acknowledge and appreciate all that is good, you can’t attract more good.

The second point I want to add is this:

Change the story and stop saying “It’s so hard!”

That’s just giving a direct command to your brain which has no option but to deliver.

Change your focus, change your life!! Instead, start saying “It’s easy!” and give yourself a fighting chance!

“Hard” is getting up at 3 am to plough a field or working down the mines!

It is not getting up whenever you like, doing some meditating and journaling, and then spending the day on your laptop in your comfies with a kettle, tea, and biscuits on-demand within 12ft of you!

The hardest part is managing and mastering your mindset every day! But it’s worth it!!

Love always

Sanae x

P.S If you’re seeking to accelerate your success and drive your coaching business to the 6-figures and beyond level without wasting any more time and money trying to figure it all out alone, then why not jump on a strategy call.

During this call, I will talk with you about your dream business and what would be your next level strategy. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts in the comments. Has this helped you?


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