How to harness the Magic of thinking BIG

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Hey Coaches!!


It’s time to start thinking BIG and playing BIG!!

Yesterday I did a live-stream on how to harness the magic of thinking BIG and I challenged the viewer to:

a) Think about what you want to earn per month in your coaching business and then to…


And place all of your focus on that new doubled figure as your goal.

Much of what I love about my job is stretching and challenging my clients to expand their self-perception and help them overcome the blind spots that are holding them small and stuck.

And best of all I get to help them step fully into their potential so they can real-ise their vision.

What I’ve started doing (to incredible effect – even if I do say so myself) is getting my clients to double / even triple the income goal that they initially presented me with.

Because doubling your current income goal (no matter how big you think your current goal is) immediately and without hesitation does a number of things:

*** It stretches the imagination and takes your thinking to a level that you haven’t dared venture before. And once you’ve gone there, it’s kind of hard to come back! In other words: You’ve grown.

*** It’s like the Ice bucket challenge to your Subconscious mind. As your subconscious gets triggered all your limiting beliefs about money and your ability to earn more rise to the surface. This is a GREAT result because now you know what your blocks are, you can work through them with clarity!

*** You feel a renewed excitement and in that higher vibration you’re naturally more open and receptive to ideas and inspiration that are a match to that new level goal.

🔑The key to success when you double / triple your income goal is in understanding some basic principles:

👉You are limitless because you are vibration. Your thoughts and emotions create the vibration that will attract whatever is your point of focus

👉Size is relative: You mustn’t focus on the “bigness” of your new goal ( it’s only your previous thinking that has made you perceive your new goal as “big”) because that will throw you into the weeds. Instead focus on how it makes you feel and what earning that new amount will enable you to do i.e invest more in yourself and your business; attend retreats and masterminds; give back; build a stronger business with a team around you etc

👉Money is currency and currency is energy. How much you earn is in proportion to your value in the marketplace. How big or small you play has a ripple effect in terms of the numbers of people who will benefit from your services.

👉 As a leader and change-maker it’s your duty to raise your standards and expand in consciousness. When you play big and stretch yourself, you inspire and give others permission to do the same.

So what’s it gonna be? Double or Triple? 😃

Sanae x

p.s You can watch my live from yesterday here:


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