How to Make £3-5K per Month as an Online Coach (even if you’re new)

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Hey Coach,

Whether you’re new to the online coaching world, or you’ve been around for a few months now, making money is going to be a top priority.
You need to make money in your business, for it to not be a hobby, right? You may have set your sights way higher than £3-5k and I hope you have!  There is magic in thinking big.

However, if you’re currently NOT seeing a return on your investment (time, energy and resources) then £3-5k represents a life-changing amount of money.

Imagine making that amount of money every month for the next 6 months.

How would that change your life?
How would it impact your confidence?
How would you feel working with wonderful clients and helping people transform their lives?
What would earning that each month do to the attitudes of your loved ones (who perhaps were somewhat skeptical of your business dream)?

In this short video I’m sharing 5 key fundamentals that will set you on your path to achieving that first milestone income as an online coach:

I hope you found it useful and you’ll start following the tips that I share.

Sanae xx

p.s. If you want to accelerate your business growth and start enjoying real results, with clarity and confidence then book a discovery call with me by clicking the sentence below:

I want to accelerate my results in my coaching business!! 



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