How to Make Attracting Clients Fun and Easy!!

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How are you doing? I mean, really, how are you doing?

Are you frustrated by the pace of progress in your coaching business? Does everything feel like an uphill climb, as though you’re wading through a thick treacle-like running in a dream?

Your feelings of impatience may well be amplified by the fact that you have a huge heart and a burning desire to help people and make a positive difference in the world.

And with that, you’re sick of relentlessly posting every day and battling feeling invisible and ignored…

There must be an easier way to attract clients than this??!!

If any of that sounds familiar, then read on, because, yes, there absolutely IS an easier way to attract clients, and have a ton of fun in the process.

I want to ask you a question that might, I hope, shift your perception even just a fraction.

This is important because when you shift your perception, you shift how you feel, which changes your energy, your actions, and therefore your outcomes…

So here’s my question:

What if it was already easy?
What if it was easy to show up and share your magic and your message with the world?

What if it was easy to attract clients and make money?

I mean, we’re not breaking our backs in construction work or rising at 3 am to milk the cows

We live on our phones or laptops, with a kettle and biscuit barrel close by.

We have our dogs curled at our feet and we can wear yoga pants

You’re the envy of your old pals in Corporate.

That’s the first reframe – away from hard work, to not hard work!

Let’s look at another reframe, that was a personal gamechanger for me a couple of years ago:

So…You became a coach to help people, to make a difference, and to have an impact in the world.

You have expertise, knowledge, and wisdom to share and a desire to be recognized for your expertise.

You want to write and speak as a way to share your magic and your message.

And maybe you feel like you’re waiting to develop the confidence to do so, or you’re working hard to attract the opportunity to make that writing or speaking gig happen.

Well, what are you doing every day if not already writing and speaking?

As I see it, I’m writing right now.

And a few short hours ago I jumped on live stream and shared a message

I’m writing and I’m speaking.

If I didn’t start writing daily on Social media and in blogs – I would never have developed my skills or my confidence to write a book, a no.1 bestseller no less (not bragging, just making a point)

If I didn’t start speaking into social media I would never have developed the speaking skills and confidence to create a live event, one that I have now conducted in both the northern and the southern hemisphere (just sayin’ )

It’s the notion that Steve Jobs referred to as “Shipping”.
Create your best work as it is at this moment and ship it. Don’t attach to it. Let it go. Come back to your desk and create your next piece of work and ship that. No attachment.

And enjoy the process of creating and shipping. Don’t make the action a means to an end because that’s miserable and you’re never in the present moment.

Make every activity a means in and of itself. Experience the joy of creating.

Okay – so I’m still hearing the groans and moans of “yeah but…It’s hard and I’m not making money and I hate the sound of crickets and, and, and…”

I feel you!!

It’s not like I haven’t cried on my kitchen floor because I was scared shitless about how I was going to cover my bills and support my children. I have!

BUT here’s the thing.

It IS EASY…when you and your business are aligned.

When you are operating in your zone of genius and you’re clear on what your unique Superpower is, you can clearly articulate that in your messaging.

When you know exactly who your ideal client is your content creation is EASY because you know exactly what they need to hear and how you can add value.

Your clarity brings confidence and confidence brings a level of certainty that infuses everything you do.

Fear and doubt dissipate because you’re no longer questioning your ability to deliver. What you put ‘out there’ carries that energy of confidence and credibility which attracts your clients.

And so all of that means you’re showing up with a frequency of passion and power which gathers momentum because you are energy.

And that is when you start generating results in your business. Your ideal clients start reaching out to you “Hey I loved your post, how can I work with you?”

My clients are surprised every time “Hey Sanae!! Oh my goodness! It works!”

And I’m like, “Yeah! I know!!”

It really can be that easy and you’re supposed to be having fun!

So start now – change your story from “It’s hard” to “It’s easy and fun!”


Sanae x


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