How to Pull Yourself Out of Despair, and Into Purposeful Action As Your Grow Your Coaching Business

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Hitting Rock Bottom is A Gift in Disguise
I think you’d agree with me if you’ve been in your business for any length of time now that the highs are exhilarating and sheer ecstasy…
And the lows?
Wow! Heartache, confusion and hand-wringing angst at a whole other level, right?  And the crazy part (crazy to the on-lookers) it’s self-inflicted!
We’re doing it to ourselves!! I remember my mum saying to me during my many meltdowns “Why are you doing this to yourself??”
Well Ma, the thing is…When you’re passionate about making a difference to others and you have that sense that this coaching business really is your calling, your souls’ purpose? Then, of course! You endure. The energy is powerful. We can flip cars when we’re on top of our game!!
But what about those moments when you feel like enough is enough?
When nothing seems to be working and you’re exhausted and barely have the energy to throw a decent meltdown?
What then?
It’s time for a reframe.
The experience of hitting your perceived “rock bottom” serves as a much-needed catalyst.  Time to re-focus and double down on your mindset work and go “all-in” with your business.
Understand first of all, that you didn’t get into what feels like this stink-hole overnight.
The simple truth is:
You’ve not been managing your state is all and so the downward spiral has been gathering momentum, making it harder to grab a branch and swing back up.
I doubt I’ll be sharing anything new with you here, you know all this stuff BUT the point is, you’ve inadvertently spiraled and you just need to refocus and get yourself fully back in the driving seat of your business once more.
Fortunately, it starts here >>>

With an empowered DECISION.

You’re going to draw a line in the sand and make a decision that you’re going to start, right here, right now, to be a comeback queen (or king 😉 ),OK?
Here’s what you’re going to do.
Grab a fresh journal and go to a coffee shop or somewhere that isn’t your usual environment and then you’re going to re-focus on your WHY.
  • What makes succeeding in your business a MUST for you?
  • If you’re thinking about the money you want to earn, then write about what that money will enable you to do and how it will aid your vision for your life, your loved ones and the peoples lives you can impact.
  • Get viscerally connected to a bigger vision for your life.
  • What will you be doing?
  • How will you be feeling?
  • What will you be saying to yourself and what will people be saying to you?
Have it fuel you, light you up and excite you.  Feel the energy coursing through your veins as you connect to your purpose.  If need be, spend hours in this exercise and really milk it for as long as you can.
Next, you’re going to write a plan of action.
That plan of action is going to start with the essential energy and mindset work.  No fluffy affirmations that you just can’t buy into right now.
This is serious.
You’re going to list out everything you’re going to commit to over the next 30 days (to start with).
You can create two lists, first will be your energy and mindset work, may look like this for example:
1) Daily exercise regime.
2) 5 minutes of daily meditation and 5 minutes of visualisation
3) Make a list of 10 things for which I’m grateful (and the reasons why I’m grateful for them) every morning and every night.
4) Scripting exercise for 10 minutes every morning i.e. write a narrative of my dream life and bask in it, milk the good feeling of it
5) Daily tracker of money coming in (what I focus on expands)
6) 30 minutes or 10 pages per day of reading inspiration books
Add whatever other processes and techniques will keep you in a positive, optimistic and clear-headed frame of mind.
The second list you’re going to create will be your double-down efforts in your business activities.  Remove the emotion and create a system and a schedule that you can follow every day for the next 30 days (to start with).
Ask for help and support from your family if you need to in order to stay on track.  It may help at this point to re-visit your ideal client avatar.  Write two detailed narratives – I call them The Hell and The Heaven narratives.  Basically, this is a day in the life of your ideal client avatar before s/he works with you and then what life looks like after you.  Pin them up where you can see them every day.
Business activity list:
1) Decide on your service offers and fix your prices
2) Join some new groups and re-introduce yourself into your existing groups on Facebook where your Ideal clients are hanging out.
3) Start adding value every day, in all the groups and all your social media platforms
4) Write a daily long post giving value i.e “how to achieve xyz”
5) Adapt it for your website blog and upload daily.
6) Share it with your email list
7) 1 video or live-stream per day on your social media platforms (LinkedIn; Facebook; Youtube; Insta etc)
8)  Show up and engage on other people’s posts – celebrating wins, giving value, answering questions.
>>>>>Get really busy, getting really visible.
Show up!!
Share your knowledge, your expertise, your wisdom.  Leave no room for your hang-ups or ickiness.  Truth is, nobody really cares because everyone is too hung up on their own ickiness and visibility fears!!
If someone thinks you’re “too much” then GOOD!!
It means:
a) you’re showing up in a really big way and getting seen and heard so mission accomplished
b) you’re triggering someone who wants to show up more but their battling with their own issues around visibility.
I’ll say it again, remove your emotion and create a system where you just get super visible and give so much value.
Get in the flow and Give! Give! Give!
Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying yourself and you’ll start attracting everything you need to help you reach your goals!  And guess what happens when you stay the course?

You Uplevel.

Your rock bottom rises.

You no longer freak out because you become a master at managing your state.

And you grow
Love you
Sanae x


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