How to Rapidly Reach 5-figure Income Months as A Coach

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What is the quickest surefire route to 5-figure months?

Answer? Raise your rates.

That’s it.

You’re welcome 😉

Alright, alright! I know you want more meat on the bones so let me dive in a little deeper for you.

Firstly, let’s establish where you’re at right now.

Are you a coach in the online space offering packages for between £1500 – £3k?

You’ve had some ‘luck’ but your marketing strategy feels like “hope marketing” (to quote Jeff Walker) – you throw your stuff out there and hope it works!

You compare yourself to other coaches and feel light years behind them when you see them celebrating £30k or £50k months! You feel ‘lucky’ if you have a £3k month.

And because you’ve been in your business for a couple of years, you’re exhausted, burnt (by all the investments that didn’t produce the ROI) and burned out.

You know you’re amazing at what you do, so here’s the deal. Your value is not in question, but your icky pricing is.

Almost every business course and programme teaches us to start small and hope people ASCEND your “value ladder ”

But what if you’re NOT a guru with hundreds of thousands of followers??  What if you’re a relative unknown with an audience of 1000?

I’m sure you’ve already found out the hard way that building out a funnel is hard work and if you’re selling something for $27 or even a course for $227, the cost of Ads for this far outweighs the returns!!

We’re being trained to start small and I know that personally this kept me small!!

If you’re dreaming about 5-figure months then there’s an easier way!

As within, so without ‍⚖️

Here you are barely scraping by selling your services for £3k 🌪

You’re pissed off and frustrated because even at those rates, you’re attracting the “I can’t afford you” folks😩

People might say to you: “There’s no way you can raise your rates if you can’t even get people to pay you what you’re asking now!”

And they’d be WRONG.

Woohooo!! 🤸🏻Did you read that?? They’re wrong! (Psst took me ages to overcome this belief!)

You see, here you are dreaming big, wanting more and feeling frustrated because you’re a powerhouse coach, bursting with transformational value. And yet your rates are screaming “Lack! Desperation! I don’t believe anyone will pay me more!”.

There’s the incongruence in your energy and because you’re not owning the value of your services you’re attracting people who don’t ‘see’ the value of your services. Bada bing bada boom.

Is it time for an up-level?

The 2.0 version of you has been sitting on the sidelines filing her nails and waiting patiently for your invitation to step into her.

Before you get all excited and announce to the world that you’ve tripled your rates and risk hurling yourself under the wheels of the self-sabotage bus (yep I did that too!), there are some important principles to note.

>>>Decide that you’re no longer settling for scraping the side of the sofa for change and write a clear narrative of who you are now as the 2.0 version of yourself, in all her mighty magnificence…and then become her!

>>>Step into your role as the EXPERT in your niche. This is hugely important. You are uniquely equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to radically transform someone’s life. Own it!

>>>Review your messaging: Are you positioning yourself with authority and credibility? Are you resolute and clear in who you serve and the problem you solve? Make sure you’re rising above the noise with clear and confident messaging.

>>>Create your offer in a way that supports your clients and meets their needs at every step of the journey from their basecamp to their success summit, whatever that looks like for them.

>>>Stop focusing on “why would someone pay me (lil ol’ me) $10k?” And focus on the value that solving your clients #1 problem will have on their lives and on the lives of everyone around them.

I recently worked with a coach who rescues couples from the brink of divorce, literally, the brink! The average divorce court charges £14k, not to mention the cost of moving home, the cost to the health and well being of everyone involved.

No matter what your niche, there is exponential value in making the changes with you as the guide and costs of not doing so!

And a final word to those who are thinking “Yeh but…”

“Yeh but, my ideal client doesn’t have that kind of money to invest in coaching”

Again, simple answer – they’re not your ideal client then. Are they?

Your ideal client is the kind of person that you love working. They’re invested, they’ve put skin in the game and they value themselves and they value you. They understand that they need to stretch to grow and they’re not afraid to invest.

Thanks so much for reading this article. If you want my help to accelerate your success to 5-figure months then simply click here to book a complimentary strategy call with me today.



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