How to Show Up and Shine on Social (and attract clients) without Feeling Forced and Fake

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Does it feel like a constant hassle to come up with content consistently for social media on behalf of your coaching business?

Do you battle with feeling invisible? You worry that no one is seeing your stuff with all the competing noise on social media and that thought holds you back.

Do you secretly resent having to post every day on social media to get clients and hate the thought of having to promote and sell yourself and your services because it feels inauthentic and fake?

Perhaps you beat yourself up regularly for falling short of your own commitments to “show up consistently”.

Many coaches come to me saying “If only I could be more consistent, I know I’d be more successful!”

If any of that resonates with you, then in this article I’m giving you the 5 key shifts that you can make RIGHT NOW to help you show up and shine your light on social media so consistently, and with so much genuine enthusiasm that your ideal clients will find you IRRESISTIBLE!!

And while having MORE fun!! Imagine that!

These were definite game changers for me and my business success!

Before I do, let’s take a moment to pay due regard and respect to our good friend, Consistency.

Consistency really is your friend and ally in business.
We need consistency in our daily mindset practices to develop bulletproof confidence;

We need consistency in our physical health and fitness practices to ensure we’re tapping our highest sources of energy, resourcefulness, and creativity, and of course, we need consistency in our message and our visibility strategy to attract the right clients at the right price.

And from a self-esteem perspective when you’re being consistent with your commitments, you feel good! Which supports the Universe to bring you more to feel good about!

When it comes to consistency in your message and marketing, you’re building the precious know, like and trust that ensures your audience will hire YOU as their coach when they’re ready.

You’re showing people that you’re here to stay! You’re not some fly-by-night, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ kind of coach. There are enough of those about! Coaches who show up large for a few weeks but then quickly disappear when they don’t get results immediately enough!

That’s not you.

So let’s dive into the 5 shifts that will help you show up and shine your light consistently, without feeling forced or fake:

1. Remember you’re in this for the long game.

Break out of the fallacy that at some point this will be done! So many entrepreneurs think there’s some magical income point that when they’ve reached it, they will be done.

Not true!! The day you’ll be done is the day the business stops growing and dies.

This means detaching from the outcome and show up and shine because this is your purpose now!

2. Stop hating on Social Media!

If you often find yourself moaning and complaining about Facebook or any of the other Social media platforms that you and your business are using to attract clients, then STOP NOW!! It’s destructive to your business and is kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.

When you pour negative energy all over the platforms that provide you with the most incredible opportunities to get your message out there for your dream clients to find you, then you’re not going to get anything back.

Harness the powerful law of reaping and sowing by expressing only positive energy and intent.

If you’re showing up and adding value and appreciating everyone for standing in their unique power, you’ll start enjoying yourself so much more, as opposed to feeling desperate and judging everyone else’s apparent desperation.

3. Reframe your Identity.

When you started your coaching business, you probably claimed your new role as Coach. You stepped into that new identity and felt excited about coaching people.

How you self-identify, impacts how you “show up” every day and the actions you’re most likely to take.

The truth is that in business 80% of what you’ll be doing is in fact marketing but when you wholly identify as a Coach, there’s an incongruence in the identity and the activity.

What if you were to add to your identity, that of “marketeer” or “messenger”?

See yourself as someone who has a powerful message and gift to share (because you have) and behave in the ways you’d imagine the marketeer or messenger would behave.

What do messengers do? They share their message!

4. Connect to your deeper why.

Why are you sending that email to your list? Why are you writing that blog? Why is it important for you to go live today? Why must you follow up on that sales call today?

Hint: It’s not because it’s on your to-do list!

Before you talk yourself out of showing up and shining your light, connect to your why.

Might you be doing it because you have so much to offer and you know someone needs to hear your message today? Or because you want to be a positive role model for your children; Or you’re passionate about using your voice because you spent years playing small and you’ve committed to never living like that again?

Whatever your reason, connect to it every single day and that will create the drive and motivation to follow through.

5. Let passion be your guide.

If you’re not aligned with your passion then generating the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to sustain consistency is going to burn you out!!

Maybe you’re trying to shoehorn yourself into a niche that you perceive is more profitable – even though you don’t love it. That’ll never work.

The truth is – you can have the most brilliant strategy but if you’re not passionate and in love with what you do, you’ll always struggle to follow through.

So ensure that you’re passionate and aligned with your niche, your ideal client, your offer, and the problem you solve…

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Love Sanae xx


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