How your introversion is a gift and your strength as a Coaching Entrepreneur

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INTROVERSION is not a reason for struggling as an entrepreneur

Many coaches preface their explanation of why they’re having a hard time with “The problem is, I’m an introvert…”
I’m here to state the case for Introverts making AWESOME coaching entrepreneurs…aside from the fact that I am an Introvert, introversion is actually a gift and a strength

Introversion isn’t shyness.

Shyness is uncomfortable, feels awkward and can be intensely painful.

Introverts on the other hand can be supremely confident in their own skin and very socially adept.

We love to talk and ‘show up’ especially when you’re passionate about the topic

Introverts don’t ‘do’ small-talk. We dive deep – we listen intensely and observe the person in front of us.

You can spot the introverts at a party. We’re the ones talking intensely in pairs which is why we hate going to networking events that give you 2 minutes to talk to someone before moving on…

And which is why we’re AWESOME coaches.

Introversion isn’t anti-social.

Introverts can be extremely social and love people.

After all, as coaching entrepreneurs, we’re very passionate about people.

We just draw our energy from within…so after being with people and having a wonderful time…we feel most happy being alone, quiet and recharging.

Introverts are mostly ‘in their heads’

We’re internally focused beings – we have all our best creative ideas from being quiet and being able to think alone.

Team brain-storming and the concept of “group-think” inhibits Introverts from expressing their best ideas 💡

Introverts are lone wolves – which is why being an on-line coaching entrepreneurs makes us feel so happy when we’re inflow.

Being an introvert is never the reason you’re struggling to succeed as an online coaching entrepreneur so permission granted to release that one now.

Love you!

Sanae ❤

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