I Never Stick at Anything…!!!

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**** “I never stick at anything” ***

What story are you telling yourself about all the different jobs you’ve tried in the past?

Perhaps you’ve had lots of “careers”

Chopped and changed

Maybe you’ve tried on a few different businesses before this one, and moved on because they weren’t right

And NOW, you’re stalling.

You tell yourself that people will think “Oh there she goes again, another one of her wild ventures that never amount to anything”
You’re frightened that you have a history of “never sticking at things” so why should this business (that you feel so passionate about) be any different.

I’ve had a few clients with this story and it keeps them stuck.

They’re not launching. They’re creating every excuse not to announce their new programme. They lose days scrolling and getting sucked down in to a spiral of negative comparisonitis and fear-inertia.

Change your story. Find your Truth.

  • Your truth is that you’ve been on this journey for many years now
  • You know your heart and you trust yourself enough to know that when something isn’t right, you aint gonna stick around longer than you have to
  • That you can lead by example as a couragious and bold woman with a low tolerance for anything that isn’t aligned with her core
  • That your fear now is a sign that “Aaahhh you’ve found IT – you’ve finally found the thing you’ve searched your whole life for”.

Go Launch baby. The world is waiting.


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