Is Your Coaching Business Aligned with Your Passion and Purpose?

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Do you feel like something is missing in your message?

Perhaps you find yourself worrying over the lack of engagement and leads from your social media activity and it makes you feel invisible. This can have a devastating cost to your self-worth and confidence because you start doubting yourself and looking outside of you for answers.

On the other hand, maybe you’re beyond frustrated because you do get a lot of great engagement on your posts and yet nobody is buying! Everyone is engaging while you’re giving but as soon as you share your offer, it’s crickets!

Either way, it can leave you wondering “What am I missing??”

I was in the former camp of zero engagement and this situation triggered every old belief I had of not being good enough. I felt hot humiliation because I’d made the leap from my 9-5 against most of my loved ones’ “best advice” and here I was, succeeding only in proving them right! Argh!!

I honestly started to think that this business of being in business was not for me, that success in business was reserved for a special type of person and I fell short.

After 9 months of flip-flopping about like this, I signed my first 4-figure client, for £2100 to be precise. The following month I signed another 2 clients at that rate and then within a few short months I had my first 5-figure month.

Fast forward to now, I run a 6-figure passion-fuelled, purpose-driven, and profitable coaching business partnering with dream clients and helping them to accomplish their dreams. I feel fulfilled on a soul level by the work that I get to do and the opportunities that have opened up for me.

So what changed?

Well first of all, if any of this resonates with where you’re at right now then let me tell you that success in business is not reserved for some special type of person.

If you’re passionate about helping others and you have that burning ‘knowing’ in your soul that this is your calling, then the business of being in business IS ABSOLUTELY FOR YOU!

Secondly, if you’re anything like I was, I contemplated getting a job a few times. Of course, it was only as a means to an end, I was never about quitting. However, when I got so close to committing 35 hours per week of my time to an employer, doing work that I didn’t want to do, something shifted inside me.

I made the decision to give my business that 35 hours a week instead. I thought I was working long hours already but in truth, much of my time was spent in panic mode! In other words, I was often distracted, with my attention divided and somewhat deluded!

But what really changed everything was making an internal shift of just a couple of degrees.

That’s IT. A couple of insy winsy degrees!

But those degrees are everything when it comes to what is missing or not working in your business.

So, what am I talking about? I’m talking about being a few degrees out of alignment with your passion and your purpose.

When you and your business are aligned with your passion and your purpose, and you are crystal clear on your message, your niche, and your ideal client, that’s when everything shifts.

This has not only been my experience, but every one of my clients bar none.

Alignment is like magic:

  • Alignment is clarity and clarity is power
  • With clarity comes confidence and with confidence comes discernment of decisions and bold action-taking.
  • And bold action taking gathers momentum and momentum generates new results.
  • New results produce a shift in consciousness that opens you up to more new possibilities.

So, the better it gets the better it gets!

Creativity and inspiration flow and you show up daily in your highest and best self.

You have absolute clarity in who you are, what your zone of genius is, who you’re talking to and where you’re going.

You magnetize to you everything you want as you set clear intentions, take aligned action, and radiate rock-solid self-worth.

This is when the clients flow in and you’re fulfilled in service doing what you’re here to do!

And all that just from a couple of degrees.

Is your business aligned with your passion and purpose?


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