It’s all YOUR Sh*t!

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It’s all YOUR Sh*t!

What triggers you?
Who makes you feel uncomfortable?
Why do you get irritated by certain behaviours?

It’s ALL your stuff.

When you’re triggered, uncomfortable or irritated by someone else, by their behaviours and their responses it’s never about them. It’s always reflection of your belief systems, your programming, your expectations, your experiences.


The majority of your programming (research indicates 83%) is subconscious, that means you’re (The ‘you’ that you’re consciously aware of) NOT actually running the show

Your subconscious conditioning is in the driving seat, as I like to say “…is driving the bus”

Get connected to that subconscious programme and you can become free from the negative and unhelpful responses that really don’t serve you

*** Client Case Study (names have been changed) ***

This is the story of mild mannered and huge hearted Susan.

Susan had a massive problem with the fact that her boyfriend didn’t shower every single day. He’d climb into bed next to her, without having showered, and she’d feel disgusted and wouldn’t want him to touch her.

Occasionally she raised it but she felt embarrassed and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It wasn’t like he was a greasy mechanic, he worked in an office all day long.
It began to affect her sleep as he’d quickly fall asleep and she’d lay next to him unable to sleep, feeling dirty and angry. Resentment was building.

As we dove deep, what came up was a locked in memory that was loaded with undealt emotion from 30 years ago.

15 year old Susan befriended a troubled girl called Siobhan. Siobhan and her boyfriend, Nick had had a nasty row the day that Susan invited Siobhan over for a sleepover.

At around midnight Siobhan begged Susan to go with her to her boyfriends flat because she desperately needed to speak to him. Susan reluctantly agreed as she could see how upset Siobhan was.

Siobhan turned out to be a rotten friend.
The pair of girls got a taxi to Nick’s block of flats in a less than salubrious part of town. Siobhan asked Susan to wait outside for 10 minutes whilst she talked to Nick.
Susan sat on the cold concrete steps in a urine smelling block of flats for FOUR HOURS!
Freezing cold, upset and not knowing what to do – she just sat and waited. She didn’t have the money for the taxi home and she didn’t know where she was.

All she wanted was a hot shower. She felt used and stupid.

Accessing this memory, processing it and releasing that locked in emotion freed Susan from her current pattern of disgust and negative feelings towards her boyfriend.

She is relaxed and feels fine whether her boyfriend comes to bed, showered or not. It’s no longer an issue for her.

Susan has also noted that she is able to uphold firmer boundaries in her business and she feels so much happier as a result. She no longer feels resentful because she’s giving so much away for free, she doesn’t let the fear of being used plague her.

You can progress your business, your relationships, your life when you free yourself from all of the unhelpful conditioning that is driving your bus.

The first step is accepting this truth.

It really is all YOUR Sh*t.

Sanae x


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