Law of Attraction: How I attracted my accident and got my big breakthrough

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What are you creating? What results are you ‘attracting’ into your life on a consistent basis, whether wanted or not wanted? And more importantly, how can you change with more ease?

The law of attraction is a governing law of the universe. Just like gravity, it is never not at play. People say “Meh, the law of attraction doesn’t work for me” when they don’t get what they want, but the law of attraction is never not working.

The Law of Attraction is constantly responding to the frequency of your vibration which is being determined by your thoughts and your feelings.

You are the creator of your reality moment to moment and what you attract as experiences are always a match to your dominant vibrational frequency. What you think about, you bring about.

Last year, following a fun self-awareness exercise that I did with my coach I recognised that I wanted to bring back running into my daily routine. I was a runner for 10 years, enjoying taking part in half marathons every year.  But my business had taken over my life and I lost sight of the importance of looking after myself!

So I made an important decision to re-introduce a daily run into my schedule and I was excited, I even bought new trainers in readiness!

7 days into my new running routine and I felt great…14 days in I was feeling on top of the world – strong, disciplined, in control…then day 20… BAM! I took a clumsy step and twisted my right ankle! It felt pretty bad in the moment, but I still managed to continue running a little way further before deciding that it was probably wise to turn back and head home.

During the rest of that day my ankle swelled up and I experienced excruciating pain. I couldn’t weight bear at all and I couldn’t drive, so I called a taxi and went to the emergency ward at the local hospital to get it checked out. After some checks and an X-Ray, it turned out I had torn my ankle ligament and needed to rest. No strenuous activity for at least a couple of weeks was the recommendation.

I was beyond frustrated. I was so enjoying the benefits to my mind, body and soul of being out every day, getting my heart pumping and my muscles moving…it was as though I’d been reunited with running and I was loving it!

I spent a week feeling sorry for myself and I slowed down in my business productivity too as I hobbled about wondering “how have I attracted this torn ligament?” I was confused because I thought that I must have been thinking about injuries or ill-health to attract this, but I knew that I hadn’t had any thoughts of that sort at all!

Before long I began to sit up and ask the question “how have I attracted this?” with more determination and the intention of receiving an answer.

The answer came to me whilst I was messaging my coach to request a quick chat. I wanted a loving kick up the butt because whilst my ankle was preventing me from running, it was no excuse for my inactivity in my business!

I was writing about my thoughts and feelings around my ankle injury when I recognised that what I was describing were familiar patterns of thought and feeling that I’ve had about other areas of my life.

I described feeling frustrated, held back and slow. I wrote that I hated not being able to keep up with everyone and I worried about falling behind because of my limping; I complained that my injury had stopped me from sticking to my routine of running and discipline and I explained my disappointment and annoyance at stopping after such a buoyant and positive beginning!

I know! What a bundle of joy I was! Luckily for my coach I didn’t press send, because like a lightening bolt I received my breakthrough realisation!

I had attracted my torn ligament because I had a chronic pattern of thought that I recognised immediately as “I never stick at anything.” I had that in my vibration for years.

The torn ligament was an exact match to my dominant vibrational pattern of frustration from “never sticking at things”.

I only had to look at the results I had created in other areas of my life to realise this to be true for me. The many half read books on my shelves, the courses and personal development programmes I’ve started and ditched mid-way, the various healthy eating regimes I’ve embarked on fanatically only to let fall by the way side and fizzle out! Not to mention the amount of times I’ve attempted to commit to a schedule to manage my workload only to not stick to the plan and then lament that I’m undisciplined!

How you do anything is how you do everything

As the realisation took hold, I began to consider the wider implications of this belief that I never stick at anything. I was subconsciously creating inconsistency in my business results too!

I realised that my pattern in my business was that I would do the necessary activity that I knew brought in the money for several months with enthusiasm and energy. I’d start seeing results and celebrating and relaxing into it. Then, seemingly inexplicably after 4 or 5 months, the clients and cash would stop flowing and I couldn’t understand why. I was still taking the necessary action. On a conscious level at least, I believed I was still showing up every day and doing what I needed to do. And yet the steady flow stopped.

On a subconscious level I sabotaged my results to match my story of “I never stick at anything”. I created feast and famine in my business!

I cannot count the amount of times I’ve had to “give myself a stern talking to and get back on the horse” and I’ve always done it but only after I’d driven myself into a deep enough ditch to give myself the necessary motivation!

So you see, your results are always a vibrational match to your dominant frequency. It’s law and it cannot be any other way.




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