Lets Talk About Fear

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Let’s talk about FEAR!!!

I want to share my experience of handling a particular fear that was dragging me down and the resultant feeling of empowerment and strength that was so intense, I felt like shouting from a great height to all my fears, current and future… “BRING IT ON!! I CAN HANDLE YOU!”

So, I hope that by sharing my experience with you, you too can feel this incredible overwhelming relief from fear!
It started with a session with my own Coach and she said to me “Feelings just want to be felt”

That struck me and I decided to explore this for myself.

My fear was around running out of money.  I was dragging a heavy weight in the pit of my stomach that sometimes would surge up into my throat and feel constricting “What if I don’t sign another client??” “What if I run out of money because people stop saying yes to me??”
Even when I signed clients I felt temporary relief only.  Temporary!!  Of course,  what if that was the last client!???
I managed this fear very well, I would mask it under the mindset work but I had a constant heaviness in the work I was doing.  Would it always feel this arduous?

“Feelings just want to be felt”.

So, I sat with this feeling of fear.  I decided to stop holding it down.  I let it come up and overtake me.  I wrote in my journal furiously writing it out – what if; what if; what if…I allowed myself to go “there”.  I allowed myself to entertain the fear and see where it was leading me.  Where did it take me?

To the truth.

As the tingling, the weight, the knots in my stomach were allowed to be felt, they dissipated.  What replaced them was my truth.  I felt a kick-back emotion, a positive surge of excitement and adrenaline.  And truth.

The truth being that I know that I would never let this happen.  That I in fact know exactly what to do to attract wonderful clients, to create a business that works and to make money.   That I am in control.  That I create my reality.

I always knew this intellectually but I struggled to feel it because I was too busy holding on to the feelings of fear.

Fear can’t survive scrutiny.

So, my darling.  Here’s the thing.  Shine a light on your fear.  Drag it out of the darkness, where it festers and feeds and shine YOUR light on it.

Free yourself to be your best self.


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