A Love Letter to The Creative Entrepreneur

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Sometimes it’s going to feel like an up-hill climb against gale force wind, sometimes you’re going to feel “like the only one” going through the mill, occasionally you’re going to feel totally unsupported and very possibly you’re going to ache and hurt physically.

Darling, that’s all perfectly normal and you’re absolutely not the only one.

Being a creative entrepreneur and going against the grain of what your upbringing has ‘taught’ you is one thing. You’ve also got hidden depths, those subconscious saboteurs, that barf on your path in an attempt to keep you safe; small; second rate.

Again, it happens to all of us and you need to work through that stuff and keep going.

Your body will react to perceived danger – when you’re stepping into un-chartered (for you) waters. Your lizard brain will do everything to keep you protected, even if it means flooring you with back pain or fever.

Listen to your body. Sit with the emotions that are coming up and allow them to be felt. Feelings just want to be felt.

Right now I feel like I’ve been kicked in the back by a horse. Stuff is coming up and I’m acknowledging it all.

Tomorrow I’ll rise again, as will you.

Sanae xxx


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