MANIFEST Your Dreams, Without Chasing, Striving and Hustling 24/7

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Your mind is an incredible and most powerful force. There are no limits to your potential and what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. You know it to be true, right?

And yet, why do you still feel like you have to run as fast as you can, chasing what you want and constantly feeling like what you want is always out of your reach?

Even with all the knowledge, and evidence of how incredibly powerful the mind is, why do so many stay mired in struggle and feel powerless?

I used to complain about how I always had to “peddle really fast” in order to just make ends meet financially. No matter hard I tried, I always felt small, because I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.. I even had a frequent metaphor swimming around in my head (literally) of being in the “same stagnant water” for years!

No wonder I stayed stuck! I was using my powerful mind to continuously create a state of chasing the carrot, constantly grasping at air and never getting anywhere!

I had to change my mind and I did it when I connected to a vision that was greater than myself.

Your ability to make the ‘impossible’ possible lies in your compelling VISION.

A vision that is clear, bold, exciting, purposeful, uplifting, inspiring and that will benefit others as well as yourself.

Having a vision will pull you forward (fear will push you only so far). When you focus on your vision every day, you’re giving your subconscious mind the blueprint of what you want to create and it will act on it.

You will have access to the infinite intelligence that surrounds you and it will make itself known to you via inspired ideas, channeled information, creative downloads, chance conversations, serendipities and so-called coincidences that support your action taking.

When you have a clear vision that is way beyond your present circumstances, the act of daily focusing on it has the benefit of bringing to the surface those limiting beliefs that are hiding deep in your subconscious. You must be vigilant and not let them slip by your conscious awareness.

Watch your thoughts, feelings and behaviours like a hawk! Until I switched up my vigilance, my personal ‘smack talk’ were like heat seeking missiles – they flew undetected beneath my radar, and caused optimum devastation to my results!

Flood your system daily with your vision. It’s not enough to just ‘see’ the vision in your conscious mind. Your body has to get involved because your body is the subconscious mind. You’ve got to feel your vision at a visceral, cellular level. Turn your vision into a felt memory in your body because your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

As you do this, take the actions that you’re being inspired to take. These actions will feel natural, organic, easy and aligned. You’ll feel enthusiastic, motivated, pumped to get going every day!

I refer to this aligned action taking as being backed by mountain moving energy, because you literally are energetically moving mountains!

This is the exact process that helped me to build my passion-based coaching business, to permanently get debt free (clearing my £50k debt in just over 6 months), to write a bestselling book, to effortlessly attract a couple of international speaking events (one in Amsterdam, one in Cape Town); to fulfill my dream of buying a home by the sea and live close to my mom, to name a few of the highlights.

So my friend, what’s your compelling vision?

Peace and Love

Sanae x


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