Mastery Is A Journey, Not A Destination

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Mastery is the journey, not the destination

Navigating this journey is about understanding that the road is not a straight upward trajectory of growth, progress and success

There are plateaus to traverse

And this is where so many throw in the towel, give up and go home

If only they knew. If only they realised that the state of seeming nothingness, when progress is at a standstill and the mind is overwhelmed, is actually part of the terrain. It’s an essential part of the terrain. Its the plateau.

So, what actually IS the plateau?

It’s the time straight after a period of upward growth and up-level
You know, you’ve taken in a ton of new information, you’ve expanded as a result of some incredible shifts in how you think and you’re taking courageous action and advancing at quite an impressive pace…

That is until it STOPS…

That is until you reached the plateau

This is the time when everything you’ve taken in needs to settle in
This is the time when all of your learning needs to embed
This is the time when your internal compass has to readjust itself to the new expanded you
This is the time when the world is re-aligning to the bigger better version of yourself

But you FREAK OUT!!!!

You freak out because you think you’re doing something wrong, or that it’s NOT working
You freak out because one minute you were having fun and now you’re not
You freak out because you physically can’t take in any more information and you don’t know why (your brain is processing- it’s full, that’s all)

So, what to do during the plateaus?

You keep going
You keep practising being the new expanded bigger better you
You keep showing up knowing that your period of growth is becoming habitual
You keep going knowing that the next period of upward growth is on it’s way.

You Keep Going

Sanae x


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