Try this Mindset Practice to Manifest More Confidence, Clients and Cash!

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This blog contains my fail-safe and more effective way to use affirmations to manifest more confidence, clients and cash!

Words have power. They carry an energetic frequency, they can evoke intense reactions, they can shift your state in the blink of an eye and when spoken as truth they determine the course of your destiny.

We have a flow of words running through our minds pretty much constantly, making up that incessant chatter that we identify with, engage with and allow to direct our decisions. Even when we know that those decisions are not right or good for us, we still listen and act on the words that create the most compelling argument for us at that moment i.e “Oh! Go on then, just one more biscuit…”

It’s this incessant chatter that talks you down from the ledge of playing full out in life, telling you that you’re either too much, or that you’re not enough so often that you begin to accept it as truth.

A very many of our ceaseless thoughts are repetitive, habitual and conditioned, we think the same crap every single day!! And often, we’ve been thinking the same crap for years!

You could say that you’re thinking without thinking.

The unceasing stream of negative mentation may sound like “I don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t do what I want. I feel so depressed. What’s wrong with me? I’m tired. It’s hard. I’m stupid. I’m not good enough”

We’re so used to these “thoughts” that they’re like background noise, they slip through our awareness unguarded and straight to the subconscious mind where they land and become a part of our state of being. We unconsciously identify with them.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be”
– James Allen

It’s time to retrain the brain, to get the mental track-shoes on and start exercising!

Now I have to tell you that I am crazy about affirmations and incantations! When I committed to a daily practice, I could not believe how fast my reality transformed to reflect what I was affirming!

I have been using affirmations since 2015 when I was about 9 months into my coaching business and at a time when I seriously had nothing to lose!! Like seriously, nothing to lose!! I’d made a grand total of about £500 in my first 9 months and I was desperate!

At the time I was sceptical about the power of affirmations and a little bit snooty (read: downright cynical) about all of this woo hooery.

But when you’re desperate, and your exasperated coach is telling you every week to journal and “Do your affirmations” I figured, what the hell.

I wrote out 10 affirmations that resonated with what I wanted for myself and that covered every area of my life and business.

Within 72 hours I started to experience the shifts and notice evidence of my affirmations. Within 30 days I sold my first 90-day package of coaching that was over $2k.

After a few months of consistent practice, I noticed that I felt as though what I had been affirming was becoming my truth at a subconscious level. I’d effectively created some new empowering habits of thought that were chosen by me, that served and supported me in my life and business at the current time.

This signified the right time for me to upgrade my affirmations and my life.

If you find affirmations don’t work for you because of the annoying little voice that argues for your limitations based on appearances or your so-called reality then stay with me here.

I created a specific method for creating affirmations that not only drowns out that annoying little voice but also creates fast results, builds the faith muscle and helps you move forward with greater ease, flow and fun.

Let’s say you’re a coach in business and you want to create a £10k month (not an uncommon aspiration for an online coach).

You might affirm “I earn £10k every month” or “I am so happy and grateful now that I earn £10k per month”…Except you’re not earning that, and you never have, and you don’t even have any evidence to say you ever will either! At least, that’s the dialogue of that annoying little voice!

That annoying little voice will undermine your best efforts with snide remarks, making you feel silly, doubtful and inclined to lower your sights.

They’re probably paralysing you because they’re highlighting the gap between where you are and where you want to be, making the gap feel more like an abyss.

Here’s the trick to making your affirmations really powerful:

Reverse engineer your desires to distil your affirmations into positive statements of results that you can reasonably expect to receive within the next 48 – 72 hours.


That was a mouthful! Let me demonstrate using the above £10k per month example.

I’m going to presuppose that you know why you desire this money and how achieving this outcome would totally rock your world.

Now reverse engineer the steps to getting that £10k starting with the outcome and taking yourself through a questioning process as follows:

The goal: I earn £10k per month as a Coach

Q: What would have to happen for me to earn £10k?
A: I would have to sign X number of clients
Q: What would have to happen for you to sign X number of clients?
A: I would have to attract quality leads through effective content marketing
Q: What would have to happen for you to attract quality leads through effective content marketing?
A: I would have to be consistently visible with high-quality content
Q: What would have to happen for you to be consistently visible with high-quality content?
A: I’d have to have inspired creative ideas for content and show up and share with confidence every day!

You can keep going to get the base level “musts” that you must do in order to escalate up to your desired goal.

Now you can create affirmations that sound more like these:

  • “I show up fearlessly every single day with clarity and confidence”
  • “Creativity flows to me and through me, and I always know what to say”
  • “Content flows from me effortlessly, I love being so inspired!”
  • “I love knowing that my messaging is drawing my ideal clients to me”
  • “I love creating content that resonates with my audience!”

As you affirm these and allow the words to penetrate your state of being, you’ll start to feel the shift in your clarity and your energy. You’ll notice an increase in content creation and inspired ideas for your next post or video series.

You’ll notice more people acknowledging your content and thanking you for inspiring them.

You’ll feel more aligned and happier as you’re actually in the flow of creation.

Both the way you feel and the results you’re producing become evidence of the shift in your focus, your energy and your attention.

This then forms the foundation for the action taking that will manifest your desired £10k outcome.

Give it a go for the next 7 days and notice the improvement in your results and how you feel.


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