Discover How Your Money Energy May be Restricting Your Financial Flow and Abundance

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Do you feel like you’re hitting up against an invisible income ceiling? Do you get so far and then something comes up such as an unexpected bill or an irresistible ‘too good to ignore’ offer that brings your money energy back down with a bump?

Has your financial situation barely changed over the years since you started your business, even though you’ve done sooooo much personal growth work?

It can seem that while every other area of your life is growing and doing great, your finances are frozen in time and space, triggering all-consuming emotions like shame, anxiety, fear, lack and scarcity.

And it’s not so easy to turn your attention away from money as many of the positive New Age movements will tell you to do because money is kind of in-your-face pretty much all of the time!

Money is an enduring ever-present factor of your daily life, be it in the food you eat, the clothes your kids need, the holidays you dream about, the rates you want to charge for your services, the software you need to invest in to manage your business, the courses you want to take…even in the space you want to create for yourself to recharge! I mean, you have to consider how much time you can afford to take off from your business!

Because of the way we live and the fact that money is ever-present, we absolutely MUST understand our relationship with money and make peace with money if we’re ever to change and attract more.

It’s true that essentially, money is neutral. It’s a tool, a means by which we exchange value and like everything else, it just is.

But for the vast majority of us, experientially, money is far from neutral! Over our lifetime, we’ve loaded money with all sorts of meaning which impacts our relationship with it, and ultimately our experience of it.

In short, if you want more money, you’ve got to improve your relationship with it.

The biggest paradigm shift for me was when I started to explore the notion of money as energy.

This explained so much about why I was in the financial stinkhole I was at the time and why, no matter how hard I worked or what strategy I implemented, I’d always wind up back at ground zero (or rather below ground zero because I was drowning in debt!)

Everyone has different money energy based on their unique experiences with money growing up but they all tend to be various shades of one or more of the following:

Shame, anxiety, fear, unworthiness, grief, lack and scarcity.

For example, my money energy was shame and anxiety. This is why I perpetuated so much debt and the reason why no physical actions that I took created long term change. When I finally understood and cleared my shame and anxiety around money and debt, the debt cleared within just over 6 months, effortlessly!

Another determinant of the energy around money is its source and what that source means to you personally.

For example, if you’re receiving child support money from an ex following an ugly divorce, that money may have a resonance of anger or resentment for you. Or perhaps you signed a client that you knew you shouldn’t have but you were desperate for the money, that money may carry the energy of regret, low self-worth and desperation.

Of course, there’s the flip side to this. Money received from loved ones, gifts or inheritance may be filled with a resonance of love and appreciation. This money may feel fun and free because you’re excited to use it to treat yourself to something special.

Whatever your energy around money, is what is going to show up in your experience.

It’s like being in a relationship with someone who triggers you because they’re constantly disrespectful towards you. As you do your inner work, you realise that you were being triggered because you needed to build up self-respect.

Knowing that when you respect you, other people respect you too because how you show up in the world commands respect. You have inner respect therefore you magnetise outer respect.

It’s the same principle – if your inner experience of money is shame, anxiety, fear, lack, scarcity – then you’re going to create that in your material experience.

It’s law, it cannot be any other way.

So the first step to improving your energy around money has to be awareness. You can’t change what you’re not aware of, right?

Here are 3 quick ways to discover your money energy and give you the powerful insight you need:

1) Your Current Results

What are your results reflecting back to you? Your results never lie and your current financial situation provides a very accurate printout of your core beliefs and therefore your energy around money. Does your debt fill you with shame? Does your saving balance create insecurity and fear? Does your current income excite you or embarrass you?

2) Meet Money

Sit quietly and relax your body, quiet your mind for a minute or two and then imagine money is standing in front of you. Don’t overthink this, simply allow money to appear in front of you in whatever way your mind wants to depict it. As money is standing in front of you, notice what you’re feeling. What immediately shows up in your body? Do you feel anxious, guilty, awkward, lonely, sad? Whatever that feeling is, is going to reveal to you your money energy.

3) Write a Love Letter

One of my favourite practices that I have my students do in my Paid in Full & Prospering Academy is to write a love letter to money. This is so simple yet profound in its revelations and insights.

Simply find some time when you can write freely, without interruption and then start with
Dear Money…

I’ve had clients write things such as

“Dear Money, I love you but you really hurt me when you ignore me…Dear Money, I’m so anxious right now because I don’t know where I stand with you, you blow hot and cold…Dear Money, When you’re here, you make me feel so alive and happy but then when you leave as you so often do, I feel completely insecure…”

Allow your stream of consciousness to flow and don’t stop until you really feel you have nothing more to say.

I hope you find these practices interesting and enlightening and give you the awareness of what your money energy is and as a result why your money reality is as it is.

Awareness really is the first step to change and calling in more abundance and flow.

Love Sanae


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