‘Must Use’ Phrases/Questions for High Converting Sales Calls

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Do you want to hold powerful, high converting sales conversations with your prospects?

Would you like to create a deeper connection that ultimately makes working with you a no-brainer investment?

These are important questions, right?

So let me share with you 3 “Must Have” phrases / questions that will enable you to support your prospect to find that depth of clarity and urgency in order to make the empowered decision to say YES to working with you!

These are:

“What Else?”
This simple questions takes your prospect from their head and into their heart.

“What’s the Cost?”
This question amplifies the true impact of the problem and intensifies the urgency to make the change

“Which means that…”
This phrase inserted in connects what you deliver to the needs of your prospect.

Click on the thumbnail below to watch my 13 minute recording as I dive into how to use each of these in your sales conversations:

Watch this video for 3 Must Have Phrases

Comment below if there are any topics you’d love me to speak on that you may feel challenged by in your business or sales calls.

With love

Sanae xx

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