I’ve been working so hard and yet my finances are a mess! How can I attract more money into my life?

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Q) I’ve been working so hard and yet my finances are a mess! I have debt and my business isn’t pulling in the clients. I’m embarrassed because I’ve been working so hard and for what feels like so long at this!

How can I attract more money into my life?

I received this question this week and I really felt the discomfort of where this coaching entrepreneur is. I’ve been there!

If this resonates with where you’re at right now then this message is for you!

The good news is that you can begin to change your financial circumstances TODAY!

In fact, there is no better time than now because here and now is where all your power is.

Truth #1: Your current financial situation is NOT a reflection of who you are or what you’re capable of.

The pain you feel in relation to your debt or lowly bank balance has everything to do with the meaning that you’ve attached to it.

You can be broke and perpetuate your brokeness because you’ve given it the meaning that you’re somehow failing i.e “I’m not good enough” or “What’s wrong with me?”

That’s a big fat lie you’re telling yourself!

Acknowledge ‘what is’ by creating a spreadsheet of all your debts and your outgoing and incoming money so you know exactly where you stand.

Then make a commitment to change your focus to a more empowering story.

Truth #2: Money can’t talk but it can hear. Your words have power so be very mindful of the language you’re using when it comes to money.

When I was in debt, I used to say I was in “crippling debt” and I’d talk about money as though it was scarce and hard to come by. So of course, when it came to taking action to make money I would find myself literally immobilised! Paralysed by procrastination and self sabotage! And I’d work until I was teetering on the brink of burn-out regularly.

Become obsessed with self-observation and watch your words!

Affirm: I love money and money loves me. I appreciate money and it’s flow and circulation in and out of my experience. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the abundance that flows all around me, to me and through me.

Truth #3: The Law of Compensation is a Universal Law that states you will always receive equal returns for your efforts and contributions.

I’ll go into this in detail another time, suffice to say for the purpose of this message, you will be compensated for your constant and never ending self improvement and your willingness to create from your passion and purpose.

Since the 3 considerations for this Universal Law are:

    • The need for what you do
    • Your ability to fulfill that need and
    • The difficulty in replacing you

…It goes without saying that your desire to align with your authentic message, your passion and your purpose to create and make a difference in the world is where you’re going to add the most value in all areas of your life.

When you’re aligned your relationships benefit, your business and your clients benefit, your health and overall joy and wellness benefits and of course your finances improve.

Understanding and implementing these 3 truths today will significantly amplify your ability to attract more money into your life quickly and easily.

Love Sanae

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