My Most Powerful ‘life-changing’ Mindset Practice

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As a coach, working in this field of personal development and mindset, we’re committed to our own personal growth.

We do the work on ourselves to ensure that we are constantly improving – expanding our awareness, deepening our levels of self belief, self love and self compassion, raising our energy, our consciousness…And in so doing our lives become richer, we feel happier, we attract high-minded people on a parallel journey

And really important, we’re able to be more effective in our work – as coaches, healers, leaders…

I remember hearing someone say “you can only take your client as deep as you yourself are willing to go

And I really took that on board and to heart. So I’m regularly challenging myself, approaching my own ‘stuff’ with curiosity and whenever I hit up against a persistent issue, I’ll invest in the right people who can help me dive deep and heal whatever is in the way of my next level.

I teach my clients the importance of a daily discipline to exercise this muscle called mindset so they can grow their business.

This is so important because every day you’ve got to show up and do stuff that scares you, you’ve got to act with faith for so much of the time which means training your focus every day and you’ve got to manage your state of being.

You understand that when you’re high and happy, you can move mountains and when you’re worried and anxious, you become hypervigilant, stressed and laser focused on fearful thoughts.

And you also understand that you have control over which state you’re in, although it’s not always easy when you’re in amongst the weeds and your thoughts are overpowering you.

So I want to share with you my most powerful mindset practice that has helped me move mountains from an internal, energetic and emotional standpoint but has also rapidly helped me really stand in my power, get out of my own way and manifest miracles.

It’s really simple.

All you need is a journal and a dream.

What I do is track myself in my journal on a daily basis.

I used to track activities on a chart – I still do when I’m committing to a new habit, for example I quit alcohol for 7 months by marking a calendar every day; I created a morning running habit by tracking; I’ve done 30 day challenges for myself and always tracked.

There’s something very compelling about seeing those crosses forming a chain – you wind up not wanting to break the chain!

And I always journalled. I’d just write my thoughts, I’d write what I was grateful for and what went well or what triggered me and that helped me to dissect whatever I felt I was butting up against.

But In 2018 I did an experiment on myself. I called it my 6 months in a petri-dish because I had a very specific goal that I wanted to achieve.

So I combined the journaling and the tracking into one practice and it helped me achieve my goal. And like all good things….I stopped doing it once I achieved the goal!

Last year I returned to this practice and again the results are very real, consistent and profound.

Here’s the simple practice that I do daily:

1) Write out my dream. The biggest most outrageous version of the next level of life I dream for myself. All in present tense including what I’m doing, who I’m being, how I feel and what it looks like. I’m wiring my neurology to this next level with a consistent persistent focus.

2) I track the days. Day 1…Day 2…Day 3…etc. Why? Because my brain has a funny way of making me feel like I’ve been at something for ages and when nothing is happening I want to quit but when I look at it and realise it’s only been 13 days, I get some perspective and laugh at myself and get back on the horse.

3) I observe what is happening daily and note down unusual and new thoughts and ideas, and inspirations because as I’m focusing every day on my big dream, I’m going to attract new ideas and ways forward. I take action immediately on the inspirations when they come.

4)I welcome any limiting beliefs or experiences that trigger me and note them down and view them as a gift. Why? Because energetically I need to grow to become the person I want to become and that means expanding beyond my current paradigm and self identity and clearing the next layer limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs rise to the surface and manifest into your experience because you’ve shaken them up by focusing on your big dream. They were dormant until you decided to go big on yourself! It’s exciting!
Don’t be fearful of your fears! Just don’t identify with them! Once you’re aware of them and they’re written in your journal you can pull them apart and let them go.

I’d love you to give this a go and see what comes your way in the next 30 days! Magic and miracles my friend!

Sanae x


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