How to Set an Outrageous Goal and Achieve it

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Life is all about growth. It’s said if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

And boy do we feel it, right?

I mean your higher self is constantly nudging you, guiding you to your next level of growth and if you don’t go?

You feel discontented, disconnected and frustrated and even regularly on the brink of a temper tantrum.

And we experience the same shit year on year. We attract the same rubbish in relationships, we struggle to get beyond a certain income threshold and we attract situations that produce the same uncomfortable emotions.

By contrast, when we’re making progress, we feel such joy and fulfilment, we become one with our higher self and we trip the light fantastic! There’s no happiness like progress.

So with that said, it’s the time of year when we customarily set goals. And working toward a worthy goal really is the fast path to accelerate your progress and growth and set you up for dancing among the daisies.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT. I’m not talking about just any goal.

You’ve got to be working towards an outrageous goal!

Yes!! Set yourself a goal that is so “ridiculous” and one that is so beyond your current paradigm of what you believe is possible for yourself right now. This is the fast path to progress, happiness and fulfilment!

Now quick insert here: Outrageous is, of course, a subjective term and the goal will be unique to you and that’s all you have to concern yourself with. I once set myself a goal to clear my £50k debt, and publish a book chronicling my “getting out of debt” journey within 6 months. This was an outrageous goal for me at the time because I’d tried unsuccessfully to clear my debt countless times over the past 23 years, and not only that, I had never written a book and certainly had no idea how to get one published!! (I achieved my goal, you can check out my book here: Paid In Full: Free Yourself From The Burden Of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!”)

This leads me to another characteristic of an outrageous goal and that is you must have no idea HOW you’re going to achieve it.

Too many people toss their dreams aside because they get disheartened by not knowing how they could ever achieve it, without realising that this is an essential premise of true growth and progress! Don’t let this be you. Here’s the deal.

The how will show up when you commit to the What and the Why.

By that I mean, write down your goal and get clear on why you want it. What would it mean to you, your family, your business and your life to achieve it?

DECIDE that you’re going to go for it! Decide that you’re willing to jump into the ball pool of life and really play!

Say out loud:

Ok Universe! I’m in. You’ve given me this desire and I know that it’s possible for me. I’ve heard that once I have a strong desire, that it’s already done in the field of infinite possibility and my work is to align my frequency with that of my desire in order to actualise it into my physical reality.”

And that right there is the truth. And this is where the real work begins.

Every single day, read your goal.

Flood your consciousness with all the juicy details of your goal as though you’re already experiencing it. Don’t worry if it’s all too vague at the beginning. With practice and frequency of focusing, you’ll hone and sculpt the image of the desired outcome until you can feel it.

Commit to this every single day! I like to track my daily progress in a journal.

This daily practice is really the answer to your “HOW?” question when you’re starting your journey because this is all you CAN do right now.

To use a well-worn analogy – if you’re driving to somewhere you’ve never been before, you set your destination into the GPS and then you start the car and follow the guidance.

You take the left and right turns, you go up this way and down that way and you never know that you’ve arrived until you’ve arrived.

This is the perfect analogy for achieving your outrageous goal.

So, what can you expect?

Within a few weeks of consistent and persistent daily practice of focusing – reading your goal, visualising and really feeling into all the details – things start happening such as:

You attract new ideas and inspirations, or conversations, opportunities or resources that if you take action on them will guide you forward in the direction of your goal – step by step. It’s important to stay open and vigilant (which is why I like to track in my journal all of these serendipities and gifts from the Universe). Oh, and take the action!


The journey will get bumpy, emotionally speaking. As you’re focusing on your goal, you’re expanding your consciousness and as you do this work, your limiting beliefs will rise to the surface and kick off a shit storm! They’re hanging on for dear life, falsely asserting that they are keeping you safe and that you need to stop what you’re doing!

Allow yourself to ride these storms by being aware of what is happening, being gentle with yourself and celebrating (as best you can) that this emotional storm is a sign that you’re growing. I like to refer to this as “constructive discomfort” as my old limitations are being torn down and I’m constructing a new expanded paradigm.

As you follow the signs and steps that show up along the way and your internal belief systems about what is possible for you grow stronger, you’ll begin to feel like a new person. You’ll have greater self-belief, courage and confidence. Your happiness levels will increase and your baseline frequency will rise.

And then you’ll find yourself achieving outrageous results and when you look back along your worn path, you’ll smile as you recognise how far you’ve come.

Let’s raise a glass to your outrageous goal, my friend! Happy New Year!!

Sanae xxx


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