Overcome Analysis Paralysis and Get Into Productivity Ninja Mode!

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You feel like you’ve hit a brick wall!

You’re getting caught up in analysis paralysis, progress has all but ground to a halt. You feel struck and frustrated.

And you’re now sick and tired of judging and berating yourself for what you’ve not done!

Sound familiar?

It’s doubly painful when you’re a hyper achiever type!
You love taking massive action and building momentum, and you thrive when in motion and making progress.

Well, this may seem like a bold promise but stay with me here.

I want to share 7 super simple hacks that you can implement immediately to completely shift your state. This will help you to go from procrastination to productive, from stagnant to super-charged and from lack and scarcity to abundance and joy.

You’re an energetic being so when you shift your state and get into the frequency of productivity, you’ll naturally find yourself in a state of flow and alignment. This opens you up to being more receptive to solutions, opportunities and resources to support you.

Sounds good?

Let’s dive in. These are in no particular order of importance (hint: they’re all important) so let’s start:

Become a Magnet to the Solution.

The Law of Attraction states “That which is like is drawn”.

When you’re complaining about a problem or situation, or you’re caught up worrying about some future event you’re focusing on the problem.

Which keeps you in the problem.

I remember a time when I spent months feeling paralysed in my business. Progress was slow and I was so frustrated! I told people (anyone who’d listen) “ I feel like I’m swimming in the same shallow water!”

That became my affirmation without me even realising!! I even had a visual image of swimming in shallow water and that was keeping me from making any sort of exponential leap to grow my business!!

The key to becoming a magnet to the solution is to decide on what you want for the outcome and placing all of your focus there.

Focus on productivity, resourcefulness, inspiration and creativity. Affirm those things and how it feels to experience those qualities and as you feel the shift you’ll start to attract the solutions, answers and forward movement.

MOVE your body!!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the benefits of exercise for your levels of productivity, intelligence and creativity then read “Spark” by John Ratey.

When we are stressed, we get woolly brained, that’s a technical term by the way! We can’t think clearly, we become reactive rather than response-able and we quickly spiral into overwhelm and stinking thinking (another technical term).

Research shows that exercise makes you smarter and more productive as you release a chemical cocktail of feel good hormones and pump more oxygen around your body. I’m not going to extol the virtues of exercise here as there’s enough information out there. My only wish is to serve as a reminder to you to get your body moving to shift your state from inertia to excited.

Get dressed!

When I first started my coaching business I loved being able to work in my pyjamas! In fact, during my first year in my biz, I met another coach online who quickly became one of my closest friends and business confidantes’. We spoke almost daily and we used to do virtual high fives and feel totally amused by the fact that we were on zoom calls with each other in our dressing gowns! Oh, the joys!!

It didn’t take very long for us to both recognise that this was naive.

If you want to show up every day in your highest and best, be productive, creative and slay your day, then do yourself a favour and communicate that to your brain!!

How do you do that?

By getting dressed and putting your so-called game face on, whatever that looks like for you. Whether that’s makeup or just getting washed and ready as though you’re going to work (hint: because you are)

Your brain associates your PJ’s and dressing gown with slumber days and sleeps, NOT ninja productivity and badass problem solving!

Write a Magical To-Do List.

I have to credit this wonderful exercise to Rhonda Byrne, the creator of the Law of Attraction film, and book, “The Secret”. I feel in love with this simple process and how powerful it is for creating an amazing day.

You get to decide to create a truly outstanding day and it starts first thing in the morning.

As you plan your day and think about what you have to do, write a gratitude list as though you’re reflecting back on everything working out perfectly and give thanks.

E.G You might have to drive somewhere for an appointment so you might list “Thank you for the wonderful easy journey, the roads were quiet and I made perfect time”

“I’m so grateful for the inspired ideas I had today to create amazing content for my audience – it felt so good to be in the flow”

“I’m grateful for the discovery call that went so well today and I’m excited that I have a new client as a result”

You get the picture. Set your intentions upfront and allow yourself to be guided to those outcomes as your focus on them throughout the day.

Harness the Power of Purpose

I want to talk a bit more about lists. We all have to-do lists, whether they’re written down or they’re swirling around in our heads!

But a mistake that many of us fall into is we make completing our to-do- list the goal!!

We tell ourselves that we must get all these ticked off today: Write a blog. Check. Create this week’s content. Check. Write a sales page. Check. Pick up kids from school. Check. Go to yoga class (Must! Missed it for 2 weeks grrr). Check. Phone mum. Check.

Hit pause a second and check-in…What is wrong with a to-do list like that??

It’s boring, it’s uninspiring and it’s flat. Understand that your state – mental, emotional and physical – is the game changer.

You know when you’re in love, you feel like you can flip a truck!

You recognise when you’re unmotivated, you can’t even be bothered to brush your teeth…

State management is critical to your success in business, being able to get yourself into a state of enthusiasm and excitement about your actions will support you to move forward, like a force of nature.

So, what is the state you want? Purpose-driven!!

Add a WHY statement to every one of your to-do’s on your list and you’ll power through them with such high vibe energy. What normally takes you 5 hours will take you one hour!!

Here’s an example:

Write a blog post / Create Social Media Content – Why? Because I have a powerful message to share that will inspire and empower my audience and add value to their lives / Because I love writing and impacting through my words

Write a sales page – Why? Because I know that my coaching transforms the lives of my clients and I’m so excited to be able to deliver my gifts, skills and talents to those who need them.

Phone Mum – Why? Because I get to show her how much I love and appreciate her and I love deepening the connection with my family

Go to Yoga – Why? So I can nurture my mind and body, unleash energy and vitality and become the best version of myself

See how it works! It’s like Miracle Grow for your mind, and your levels of joyful action taking.

Focused Time Bursts

We’re all guilty of complaining about a lack of time and wishing we had more hours in the day and yet time is the one true leveller. It’s the one thing that everyone has in common, successful entrepreneur or otherwise.

What you do with that time is the difference that makes the difference.

You have to take an honest audit of where your focus and attention is being distracted and therefore diminished if you want to truly maximise time and your productivity.

Research shows that for every distracted 5 minute “check in on Facebook” that you do in the middle of a piece of work, it takes around 23 minutes for your brain to recalibrate to the level of concentration it was at before you checked your social media feed, or your emails or your phone…whatever your choice of distraction.

So for every quick ‘check-in’, you’re losing nearly 30 minutes of valuable productivity!! Scary!!

The solution is the classic time management method called the Pomodoro technique. You simply create blocks of focused, uninterrupted time intervals in which you focus on one specific task.

I found this so powerful that I added focused power sessions for my business accelerator clients in co-working groups. They are so powerful and we get more done in these 2 x 50 minutes blocks of time that we’d otherwise get done in 2 days!

The energy of service

This final hack is about shifting your focus, and therefore the motivation that drives your action taking, to one of service, contribution and giving.

Anytime you’re in a fear based mindset of lack and desperation, you’re stressed. Being in this hypervigilant state of flight or fight is not conducive to clear minded thinking, aligned action taking and feeling good. And the energy of neediness will infuse everything you do.

There’s no joy in the activities and you’ll become too attached to the outcome, which dials you straight back to analysis paralysis, fear and overwhelm. And of course, you’ll attract more lack and scarcity and more to feel desperate about.

Make everything you do today, on behalf of your business, about love and contribution. Ask “How can I serve today?” And as the late great Dr Wayne Dyer said:

“When you ask, how can I serve? The Universe responds with “How can I serve you?”

I hope these simple hacks have served their purpose and you feel the shift necessary to actually apply them!!

Knowledge without follow-through is pointless after all!!

Have fun and if you want my help to accelerate your business growth and achieve that elusive 6-figure income goal with more ease and grace, then book your strategy call with me today.

Love Sanae x


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