Overcome those Icky Sales Fears and Close More Coaching Clients With Confidence

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Take a moment to consider what you can do now, that you couldn’t do 10 years ago.

10 years ago I was in Corporate, with no CLUE how to manage my own business.  10 years ago I would NEVER have contemplated speaking on video, let enjoy doing live-streams almost daily.

What about the things you have learned in the last 5 years or the last 3 years? What about the skills you have now that 12 months ago you didn’t have?

Perhaps you have additional qualifications under your belt or achievements in your fitness levels, your hobbies or your business that took some practice and effort and discipline to learn, develop and master.

You’ve probably bust through some fears and limiting beliefs and transformed your mindset in so many ways too.

You’re always progressing and expanding and you have an incredible capacity to learn new skills.

This is an important truth to embrace because so often we waste time focusing on what we don’t know and then falling into overwhelm and feeling stuck.

This state of being shuts us down and inhibits our creativity, resourcefulness and inspiration.  One area that many coaches struggle with and stay stuck for longer is sales and selling.

They feel pushy and uncomfortable, some say even arrogant, when ‘selling’ themselves.  They feel embarrassed to “blow their own trumpet” and so hide away, play small.  And when it comes to the sales conversation, they chatter nervously and dread the moment they have to talk money.

There’s a myth that you’ve either ‘got it or you don’t’ when it comes to selling effectively and confidently.  Or that it takes a certain character.

Hmmmm…If that resonates, let me blow that out of the water right now.

Sales is a skill

Which means, just like all the other skills you have learned in the past, you can learn, develop and master your sales skills.

Wherever you currently are in your sales ability, let me reassure you that as you learn the skills and develop your confidence through constant practice you will achieve success.


The argument in favour of innate talent and giftedness, in any arena has been undermined by research which holds Preparation and Practice up as the key distinctions that separates the elite performers from everyone else.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “The Outliers” asserts that researchers have settled on a magic number of hours that is the minimum critical level of practice towards achieving true expertise.  That is the 10,000 hour rule.

“The emerging picture…is that ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert – in anything” writes Neurologist Daniel Levitin.

My point is not to suggest that you want to become a world-class expert in sales and that you should commit to 10,000 hours practice in the art of selling (although, reassuringly for my clients I have spent over 20,000 hours practicing the art of selling, and coaching and mentoring other sales professionals in the last 23 years!).

My point is simply that you don’t have to feel like you will always struggle in sales.  You don’t have to hold on to any limiting beliefs such as “I’m just not a natural sales person” or “I can’t sell, I’m no good at it”.

The more you practice, the easier it will become.  The better you will be at discovering your prospect client’s needs and then elegantly meeting those needs in a way that will help them shift from place of pain and frustration to a place of empowered decision and action.

Selling for others Vs. Selling for yourself 

It’s worth noting even the best corporate sales people can struggle to make the transition into selling themselves and their own offers.

The reasons are many and complex but for the majority of my clients it boils down to feeling ‘good enough’.

When you’re selling your own services and promoting yourself as a coach, this can trigger many deep seated fears and insecurities that bubble up to the surface and affect your sales results.

Take my client Irina, as an example.  Irina is a Career Change Coach and even though her corporate background was in Sales she was struggling to close coaching clients

She reached out to me for help because she couldn’t figure out why.   In a moment you’ll discover:

✨How Irina transitioned from little to no leads to being busy with a steady stream of leads and booked discovery calls

✨How she went from getting “I can’t afford it” and “I’ll think about it” responses to confident closing paying clients on her sales calls


✨The one shift that within a hour of making it, she was able to close her first ever ‘pay in full’ client 🔥

Click here to watch Irina’s case study video in which she shares her experience of working with me as her sales coach:

Irina’s Sales Success Story

It is a fact of life that more sales equals increased income and more opportunities to expand your business; greater confidence and credibility as you become an expert in your field and more freedom to enjoy your life and do the things you love to do with the people you love.

You can master the art of selling with confidence and it’s all in your hands.

Sanae xx

p.s If you want my help to master your own end to end sales process and start enjoying enrolling dream clients now then book your strategy call with me today and let’s talk about making it happen! https://sanaefloyd.com/contact-sanae/



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