Overcome Sales Powerlessness and Confidently Close More Sales with Ease and Integrity

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I know that for many coaches, selling is a challenge because it makes them feel out of integrity. They hate feeling pushy and the whole sales conversation feels forced and unnatural.

It becomes a “necessary evil” that has to be gone through in order to have the pleasure of working with clients and enjoying the income.

Unfortunately, when sales conversations are viewed this way, your sales call calendar tends to dry up. I mean, why would you put yourself through such a painful experience? You’ll subconsciously self-sabotage just to avoid them!

And so no matter how passionate you are about helping people or how hard you work to get leads, growing your coaching business will feel like a constant uphill climb.

Don’t let this be your story!!

Your state is everything when it comes to your growing and enjoying your profitable and thriving coaching practice.

I’ve been coaching, mentoring, and training in sales for 23 years now (I know! I know! I don’t look old enough ;0 ) As a sales manager and mentor in the financial services arena before setting up on my own as a sales coach and mentor for service-based entrepreneurs in 2015, so I know a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in sales.

It’s critical that you reframe your sales conversations so that they become pleasurable and fun opportunities to connect with another person who is struggling with something that you have the solution for.

It all starts with how you see yourself.

Imagine owning your role as a specialist because that is what you are! I know, right? Novel concept! And consider the very real possibility that your prospect has connected with you because they know you are the specialist in the particular area they’re struggling with.

In this dynamic you’re diagnosing your prospects’​ problems, so you can prescribe the best solution to meet their needs, which, hopefully, is your coaching program. If they’re not a good fit, then let them go with love.

The reason many coaches feel out of integrity when offering their service is that they propose their offer too early in the conversation.

It’s essential to have a full and thorough understanding of your prospects’​ pains and frustrations as well as their wants and desires – never assume!

Your role as the specialist is to ask powerful questions, dig deep so you can make an accurate prognosis while helping the prospect gain clarity too. By doing this you’re able to maintain full integrity when you come to offer your service.

This perception shift also takes you out of the mode of ‘performance’ that hurts rapport and creates anxiety.

No matter how much you think you “need the sale”, you don’t!

This desperate and needy energy will literally kill your sales conversations dead!

In this state, your sales conversation becomes a performance rather than an anxiety-inducing audition or a tough interview for a much-coveted promotion. You become nervous, jittery, and unable to hold a powerful space for your prospect.

In trying to demonstrate your value you end up nervously talking too much, which not only makes you wish the ground would swallow you up but also leaves your prospect feeling overwhelmed at best and at worst, unheard.

When they thank you and say “I’ll think about it” you feel like shit because you know that this is very likely the last time you’ll hear from them. Ouch!

So shake it off and decide today that you’re going to stand in your power as a formidable coach with a unique ability to help your clients solve their #1 problem. You are the specialist in your field and no one does what you do, in the way that you do it.

This isn’t arrogance, it’s owning your value and appreciating your gifts, skills, and talents. You didn’t get here by accident, you took the long arduous route, so your future clients don’t have to!

From my heart to yours,

Sanae xx

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