Overcome Your Visibility Fears so you can Stand Out as the Authority in your Niche

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Are you Sick of Being Your Own Best Kept Secret?

Here are 14 Breakthrough Tips to help you overcome your visibility fears so you can stand out as the authority in your niche

Tip #1 Be ready

Empower yourself mentally and physically simply by getting dressed for work every morning (your brain associates pyjamas with sleep- not a great state for an action-taking entrepreneur like you!).

Then, when you’re inspired to share a message, you’re ready! Some of the best lives are those in-the-moment “inspired downloads”.

Tip #2 Operate in Your Zone of Genius

What’s your coaching niche? What do you do? How do you help your clients?
Create content around the stuff you know and love to talk about and share your experiences – this positions’ you as the authority even as you’re building your confidence.

Tip #3 Know who you’re talking to

Get clear on your ideal client avatar, her pain points and frustrations, she wants and needs and how you can help her and then create messaging that is specific to ‘her’.

Tip #4 Set an empowering intention

Approach your live-stream from a place of giving rather than “what can I get?” Give value every day. Focus your energy toward the one person who really needs to hear your message today and give it with an open heart.

Tip #5 Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!

Continually beat the drum of your message and what you and your business stand for.
Repetition of a consistent message is vital for building trust, leveraging your position as the expert and conditioning your audience to know who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

Tip #6 Smile your contagious smile

What’s the saying? “When you smile, the world smiles with you.” Remember to smile when you’re doing livestreams or on video. Smiling is naturally appealing and your audience will feel good when they watch you.

Tip #7 Share your successes

…And your coaching clients’ success stories. It’s not bragging when done with appreciation, it’s inspiring. You represent what’s possible for your ideal client (who only need to be one or two steps behind you in their journey) so be a lighthouse and radiate the light.

Tip #8 Invite Engagement

Engage with your audience when you’re doing live streams (thank the replay viewers), ask questions, build rapport with relatable stories i.e. “have you ever done this…?” “do you find that when….?” Always have a call to action, whatever that is. Asking people to “comment below” is a call to action.

Tip #9 Signposts not scripts on camera

Practice what you want to say using bullet points and key-words as sign-posts only. Scripts dumb down your personality and diminish your energy on camera. It’s OK to refer to your notes too.

Tip #10 Retrain your brain

Overcome the anxiety of being visible by creating positive associations to live-streaming e.g. after every live-stream immediately do a crazy dance to your favourite song! I love Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. It releases the tension, makes you laugh and breaks the pattern of critical over-analysis of the live-stream you’ve just done.

Tip #11 Be your own coach

Associate enough pain to your current self -limiting belief, and enough pleasure to the outcome you want and you can push through almost any fear!
So, out with your journals and go to town answering the following questions:

1) What will this cost me if I don’t change? What is it already costing me emotionally, financially, mentally, spiritually?
2) If I do change, how will I feel about myself? What kind of momentum could I create if I change this in my life? What other things could I accomplish if I made this change today? How much happier will I be? What impact will making this change have on my family?

Tip #12 Own your unique voice

Nobody can boast your unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills, talents and gifts so when you share your message (even if you worry that it’s all been said before) you’re putting your unique voice to that message. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be YOU, everybody else is taken”.

Tip #13 Practice! Practice! Practice!

As Tony Robbins says: repetition is the mother of skill. Take baby steps every day and build up i.e. set a goal to share 5 tips in your area of expertise every day for a week.

One day you’ll tell people how terrified you used to be of being visible and live-streaming and they’ll look at you in surprised disbelief.

And finally

Tip #14 Embrace imperfection

Life is messy and that’s OK, so stop focusing on what’s wrong and realise that you’re already frickin’ awesome!

And remember, you’re one of the 3% of the population willing to do the things that others won’t do, in order to have the life that others can only dream about. Go YOU!!

Sanae xx

“You Can Have the Best Strategy in the World, but If You’re Not Passionate About What You Do, You’ll Fail” Sanae Floyd

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