Overcoming the Emotional Burden of Debt

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My book officially launches tomorrow.  It’s exciting because it means 2 things: Firstly that I did it!!! And secondly: Now I get to help others do the same (because seriously, if I can do this? Anyone can!)

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about overcoming the emotional burden of toxic debt.

Shame and Secrecy

I have had a life-time love hate relationship with debt. I hated it. It LOVED me. No matter how much I resolved to pay it off, and I’d implement strategies and repayment plans, I just seemed to perpetuate more. It was confusing and made me feel out of control. Like I was a loser and doomed to debt and debt dependency forever.

I even kept my debt a secret from everyone – including myself!!  I didn’t even know how much debt I was in because I was so deeply ashamed and couldn’t face up to the reality of my situation.  I imagined it was around £35k but when my ‘enough was enough’ moment came and I faced my truth, I almost passed out! I’d managed to amass almost £50k across a number of credit cards and overdraft debt plus a loan from my mum.

I didn’t even know how depressed I was about my debt until I started my journey to become “Paid in Full” which is the title of my book.  When every other area of my life was thriving, my debt was a burden that was affecting me on a cellular level.

I knew that it wasn’t a lack of strategy that I was suffering from – it was a deeper issue.
I was operating under subconscious habitual beliefs and programming that was sabotaging my best efforts to clear my debt.

And so I put myself under the microscope and made myself subject to an experiment. Every single day I recorded my every thought, feeling, behaviour and outcome when it came to debt, making money and shame.

I got to know ME.

“Paid In Full” chronicles that journey as well as gives the processes that I took myself through. So many people are suffering in silence and feeling hopeless.  So many passionate entrepreneurs are playing small, like I was, because they have debt that they’ve loaded with shame.

My journey has been enlightening, spiritual and deeply rewarding. I have expanded my capacity for joy on a deeper level and raised conscious awareness to how powerful we are, as energetic beings, to truly masterfully create our own reality.

I’m excited to share this!!

The official launch coincides with ‘Blue Monday’ – dubbed as the most depressing day in the calendar for a number of reasons.  One of those reasons is that folks start receiving their credit card bills after the Christmas spend and then can often feel defeated and deflated, wondering how they’ll ever repay them.

Watch my profile for the link as the launch day is offering a 99p Kindle Download for 24 Hours.


Love Sanae


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