Breakthrough Your Upper Limits and


…Your Dream Coaching Business!



Whether you’re a new coach looking for your first, or next handful of paying clients, or you’re established and ready to scale, you’re in the right place.

It’s time for you to stop playing small so you can fulfill your highest potential, serve more clients by authentically sharing your genius, and master your inner game for massive success

Do any of these sound like you?

You’re amazing at what you do, however you’re struggling to nail your coaching niche.  Making it impossible to market yourself effectively, because you’re unclear on your target market, and why people should hire you

Your coaching income fluctuates from famine to feast, and back to famine.  This uncertainty holds you back from making future plans, or hiring essential help to grow your business.

You know you need to create a ‘premium’ offer, and charge more to meet your income goals, but you can’t imagine people will pay your increased rates

You’ve invested £0000’s in business courses but never got anywhere near the ROI you were promised.  Deep down you’re wondering what’s wrong with me? While on the surface you’re disenchanted with the whole ‘guru’ coaching industry.

You’re drained by the on-going internal conflict with self sabotage.  You desperately want to build a successful business,  but you can’t motivate yourself to take action, unless “your back’s against the wall“!  

You started your business to help people, to make a difference, and do what you love…

I know how overwhelming it can feel when your business isn’t working as you’d hoped…Your marketing isn’t converting, the clients aren’t streaming in, and your energy (and your bank balance) are running critically low.

Growing a successful, profitable coaching business isn’t all plain sailing, but it needn’t be the hard, unrelenting slog we make it...

You Just Need A Helping Hand

…From someone who knows the ropes,  to help you get on (and stay on) the right track.

To guide and support you, so you’re not left figuring everything out alone…

To challenge your limiting beliefs, and blindspots, and hold a mirror up to your strengths…

To be gentle and kind, yet hold your feet to the fire, when things feel scary and…

Whose confidence, and belief in you holds you steady,  until you’re rock solid

And someone who can help you crush the time-line on achieving your business goals.



As a ‘been there’ coaching entrepreneur, with over 25 years experience in business and sales…


Implement a marketing strategy that positions your expertise so you get recognised as the authority in your niche, and attract the right clients, hungry to work with you

Make more money and break out of the feast or famine income cycle so you can confidently make future plans, bring in hired help to support your business growth and sleep better…

Get off the hustler hamster wheel with your high ticket packages, so you earn more, work less and enjoy more freedom and flexibility…

Feel empowered around money, clearing your money blocks so you can feel in control, clear debts and manage your cash with more confidence

Create the systems that enable you to enjoy growing your business steadily, instead of habitually self-sabotaging and feeling like you’re constantly “starting over”

Clear your self-limiting beliefs and blocks so you can show up authentically, share your message and shine in your business, and your life

Why Am I The Best Person To Help You?

Hi. I’m Sanae.  And yes, I’ve got the 2 plus decades of sales and business know- how, and I’m a masterful Personal performance and Mindset Coach a Certified Canfield Success principles trainer, a PSYCH-K facilitator, an EFT practitioner, and a published author…

But, most importantly, I have personally ridden the entrepreneurial roller-coaster!

I know about the ridiculously high highs, and the soul crushing lows.

I’ve endured, and overcome the crippling fear of visibility, of judgment and rejection. 

I’ve dug deep to shine a light on my self-sabotaging stories and heal my money wounds. 

I’ve had funnel failures and epic launch flops, I’ve hosted workshops to an audience of one, and I’ve cried.  Man, I’ve cried…BUT…

I have also successfully navigated the path,  and so, more than most, I get you.

If you’re ready to become a highly sought after, highly successful and highly paid coach?  Then I got you covered.

It’s simple to get started:


We'll discuss your business goals and dream


You'll get a clear step by step plan of action


You'll feel excited as you see your dream become a reality

PIF-Book Sanae Floyd Coaching 1

In 2018 I published my story of breaking through my own paradigms around money and debt. My book was an Amazon #1 Bestseller in the categories of finance, psychology and personal growth.  You can check it out here:   Paid In Full: Free Yourself From The Burden of Debt And Live Your Best Life NOW!  

Featured on and published in:

Amazing results for my clients

Mark Tanner
Mark Tanner
Sanae has been coaching me for many years, a long time to be coached by the same person but this because I always wanted more. Sanae is so good at helping me uncover new revelations about myself, helping me to take my self discovery to new levels. In business, she helped me to identify my ideal customers and the right niche for my coaching and my copywriting businesses, which are now both successful and at the level I want them to be. I can't recommend Sanae's coaching enough to others.
Elsie Roman
Elsie Roman
My time with Sanae changed my life forever. Sanae is most understanding person I’ve ever met. She helped me with my mindset about money and prosperity after a very challenging time of my life. Her book “Paid in Full” was like reading my story. I consider the time together is like an investment in myself with returns greater than any other. My hope was restored and I gained my confidence back. I’m forever grateful.
Bari Roberts
Bari Roberts
Sanaie provided a free 1/2 hour consultation. Her intake form before the consultation was excellently designed to pinpoint my desired outcome for the session. She obviously took the time to study my intake form carefully, and dived deeply into helping me find my nitch within 1/2 an hour. I had been unable to find my nitch until this session with Sanaie. I strongly recommend and deeply appreciate this session with her. She has amazing skills at providing efficient and heart centered support for anyone developing a business.
Floss Andrews
Floss Andrews
Without Sanae I would still be floundering with my message, charging by the hour (not enough) and doubting myself hugely. Instead, I have a signature programme of which I am very proud, a high end programme and a vision and plan for my business which I am on the path towards. Not only does she help with all of that, but her coaching of me as a person is incredible too and has cleared many blocks (some of which I hadn't even realised were holding me back so much). Her editing also needs a mention, as she's fabulous with words and can turn something I've written that feels a bit bland into a hard-hitting and perfectly pitched piece of writing. Sanae is a pillar of strength, she challenges and holds me accountable. I am hugely grateful to the person who introduced me to Sanae, and I am delighted to be a client of hers.
mansi gupta
mansi gupta
I love Sanae! She is like that steady adult hand that you can trust and hold, as you take on the scariest challenges in your coaching journey. For me, the scariest thing was showing up and being visible. Within a month of starting to work with sanae, I am confidently and authentically showing up for my business. Sanae helped me change my biggest self sabotaging pattern and core belief “I am not enough and therefore I need to do do do until I get there”; it’s gone now. I pace myself. I experience flow. I feel good, most importantly! A friend told me today that I am the happiest person she knows! And this was definitely not my reality before working with sanae ! ❤️❤️❤️ When you get the chance to work with her, grab it with both hands and legs too, if you can ! 😀😀 😀
Mirjam Paninski
Mirjam Paninski
I was really unsure of whether I wanted to invest in a coach or not but I did feel stuck - I can only say that working with Sanae was one of the best choices I have ever made!! Her service goes well beyond the usual business coaching. She is highly intuitive, yet technically skilled and has a deep understanding of the spiritual, psychological as well as the practical aspects of building and growing a coaching business. She helped me gain a clarity about my niche in a way that was deeper than I could have imagined - Sanae guided me into an alignment with my strengths and dimensions as a healer and found words for my work that I would have never connected to or articulated on my own. In a way, she understood what I was doing better than me and she phrased my mission in a way that was really reaching people! This helped me build a healing practice that is waitlisted!! And not just because of her amazing copy-writing but because of her work as a healer who supported me to connect with my longings and capacities!! Sanae is the queen of business coaches!!!
Niko Ana Jeanne
Niko Ana Jeanne
Sanae Floyd is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with and an amazing human being. Her ability to cut through the fog and help me get laser focused clarity on my coaching niche has been indispensable. I recommend her to anyone starting our in their coaching business, anyone needing revision to a current niche or changing their niche altogether. Thanks Sanae!
Cheryl Thompson
Cheryl Thompson
Working with Sanae has changed my life for the better. Her commitment to me and my journey, her deep, precise knowledge and her enlightening experience all make her a second to none human and coach BUT it is much more than that that makes her INCREDIBLE. It is her ability to know what I need better than I know myself, how she allows me to grow at my own pace, the way she coaxes me on occasion plus pushes me when needed. (“LET GO OF THE LEDGE!”) No, it is even more than that and I am not sure I have the words. Sanae sees into my soul, reads my mind, translates my chatter to perfect, concise sentences, never ever judging, always protecting and inspiring. I want to say to Sanae: Thank you for giving me what I have wanted but have avoided my entire adult life. Thank you for showing me both professionally BUT more than that, personally that I am more than enough, right here and right now. That I was born perfectly, that every experience I have had only serves to make me a richer and fuller person. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to see I already had it all here from the start!" Here’s to the next chapter in our journey together.
Glory olamide
Glory olamide
Before I met Sanae I was confused and not sure how and where to direct all my talents and my business ideas. I must say, after an intensive first session with Sanae, I’m filled with Clarity on what to do and how to channel/monetize my ideas. I’m buzzing and eager to get my coaching business going. Sanae has an incredible talent that has helped me dig deep within, to discover strengths, skills and abilities that I never knew were there or I’d just taken for granted. I’m blessed beyond words and so grateful to have met an amazing, talented and gifted coach like Sanae! If you’re still in doubt/ sitting on the fence about getting a coach, look no further! Sanae is the best coach around!!!”
Diane Hill
Diane Hill
YOU NEED SANAE IN YOUR LIFE! Im completely in awe of her as she combines her business coaching skills with psychology. She has a unique ability to drill down and find out WHAT makes you tick, WHAT you want, WHAT is holding you back, HOW to get what you want and WHY you want it, leaving you feeling empowered, driven and excited. I'm literally bouncing with joy since discovering my unique gift and undoing some very deep seated beliefs. Anyone reading this post and half wondering if you should work with Sanae it is a complete no brainer. She will change your world. 💞✨💞✨

Programmes to 


Too many coaches waste too much time trying to figure things out for themselves, many give up and throw in the towel because it’s hard on your own.  I don’t want that to be your story.  Book your call with me and let’s make your dreams a reality along the shortest, quickest and smoothest path possible.

Coaches Business Accelerator

Private Coaching and Mentorship to help you breakthrough your  limits, realign with your passion and scale your business.

Paid in Full & Prospering Academy

Prosperity is a state of consciousness.  Join my community to free yourself from debt, master your money mindset and attract more prosperity into your life.

Build Like A ‘BOSS’ Academy

My signature system to help you enrol your first, or next handful, of coaching clients and make £5k- £10k within 90 days.



A selection of courses and resources to help you win

Happy Clients

Just magical

Sanae helped me to narrow down to within pinpoint accuracy exactly who my ideal client is…Within 24 hours of the second session with Sanae, I booked my first client and also had a request for 12 months’ worth of coaching as well as an opportunity to be a keynote speaker… Sanae had the magic that helped me release my magnetism.

Tish Hawkin ~ Resilience Coach and Best-Selling Author

The Real Me

Sanae uncovered the real me and shone a light on all that I’d been hiding for fear of ‘putting off’ clients. Within 3 weeks I made a 4 figure sale and within 3 months I made my first 5-figure month! 

I will be forever grateful for Sanae’s brilliance and expertise…She cuts out the bullshit and showed me ways that truly work.  She has this natural gift for making you feel as if you’ve known her all your life brings out your core values, dreams, and the true essence of who you are, and helping you to turn the art of being YOURSELF into your greatest client magnet for your business. 

Stacey Sargison-Shawe ~ Life Coach

Amazing Results

I now have the clarity, the confidence, the mindset, and the strategies that I need to fill my client list. I am able to consistently create content that offers value and attracts my ideal clients! This turnaround took just 8 weeks and I signed up 2 clients at prices higher than I have ever charged!  Sanae is a smart businesswoman and a wise coach. She’s got the experience to help me navigate to the results I want and so much more.

I absolutely recommend working with Sanae. You’ll see in a short time changes you thought would take ages – and you’ll be living a brighter, happier, and more successful version of yourself very soon.
Meera Remani ~ Leadership Coach

Nuggets of wisdom

From the very beginning, you were professional, knowledgeable, and determined to allow me to find my own course. Your package has given me nuggets, format, and direction to not only sell myself on my website but to understand my coaching purpose.

The knowledge you have shared around social media marketing has been invaluable and allowed me to create powerful messages and social media interaction.

I fought this little demon until the time was right but eventually the time came to take my coaching business seriously and I am now pleased to say I am 100% committed to making it a success.

Stephen Bell – Resilience Coach

A whole New Level

Sanae’s ability to get to the heart of your personal blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs is her amazing gift. She takes Coaching to a whole new level with her wisdom, guidance, and insight. If you’re not experiencing the success you want, you need to call Sanae. It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Dr Maryhan Baker ~ Parent & Child Coach

Such a Gift

Sanae has an intuitive ability to see exactly what is in the way of growing your business. I was struggling to fill my business group coaching program. Within 2 weeks of working with her, I was able to fill it by adding 4 more new clients. 3 of those clients enrolled a week after working Sanae. She is gifted!

Rashida Gaye ~ Mindset Business Coach



7 Steps to Create An Ideal Client Profile Template For Your Coaching Business

7 Steps to Create An Ideal Client Profile Template For Your Coaching Business

Creating an Ideal Client Profile template is an essential step for you, as a coaching entrepreneur, seeking to attract more ideal clients.   An Ideal client profile template is a detailed description of your ideal target customer, including their demographics, behaviors, and pain points. By developing a clear understanding of your ideal client, you can tailor your marketing efforts and increase the chances of attracting and retaining clients who are a good fit for your coaching business.

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