What If People Find Me Annoying??

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“What if people find me annoying?”

My client just asked me this.

She’s worried about being ‘annoying’ because she’s stepped her game up exponentially in terms of her visibility strategy.

Rather than celebrate that her creativity, ideas and enthusiasm are through the roof she’s worried that she’s being “too much”.

Let’s get one thing straight (OK, 4 things):

1) If people find you annoying they’re not YOUR people

2) They’re not paying your bills

3) Social Media moves so darn fast…and so does your stuff (which means people aren’t seeing ‘all’ your posts all the time)

4) Consistency and Repetition actually builds trust and memory muscle in the minds of your ideal client prospects (imagine the marketing department of Mcdonalds saying “We don’t want to be annoying so let’s hang back and play small for a while”)

Content is king so get your content out there. Share the message that’s in your heart. Give value. Be of service. Answer questions.

Help YOUR people find you and forget about everyone else.


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