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Unleashing Your Creative Genius and Being in Flow Requires Self Discipline.

That feels like a contradiction. Surely creative genius comes from feeling free, spontaneous and untethered by rules…right!??


If you want to unleash your creativity and open the flood gates for productivity and momentum…and ultimately the flow of clients and cash you need:



And Structure!

I know! I know!! I’m taking sexy to a whole new level here, but stay with me!

You want to be clear minded and reserve as much mental bandwidth as possible in order to receive inspiration and allow the free flow of creative energy.

Imagine your creative genius and mental agility is a battery with 10 bars of power. Every morning you wake up and your ‘battery’ is fully charged.

You spend some time thinking and deciding what you need to do that day and you make your to-do list – Deplete 1 bar of power!

You check your social media feeds and reply to some emails – Deplete 1 bar of power!

A friend messages you and you respond immediately and you volley back and forth for a while arranging a meetup – Deplete 1 bar of power!

You sit at your lap-top stuck on what to write about… for an hour- Deplete 1 bar of power!

You can’t think of anything to write so you decide to tidy your desk, put the washing on, have something to eat while you’re waiting for inspiration to hit – Deplete 1 bar of power!

You decide on a post topic so you sit and write and spend a good 45 minutes searching for a lovely picture and formatting a graphic in Canva – Deplete 2 bars of power!

It’s almost time for the kids to be coming home from school and you haven’t thought about what to cook for dinner so you stare into the fridge trying to decide – Deplete 1 bar of power!!


Suddenly you’re got so little mental capacity to think clearly and truly CREATE from your genius zone!!

Can you relate? Even just a little bit…?

So what’s the solution?

Spend a few precious hours once a week to plan your week. I do it on Sundays. This means that you can go into autopilot for those things that really don’t deserve so much of your mental bandwidth during the week.

1) Start with the end in mind.

Decide what you want to have created and completed by the end of the week and most importantly get clear on WHY it’s important to you.

2) Capture and Categorise

List all your to-do’s and then categorise them into ‘themes’ i.e marketing / domestic chores/client work/business or household admin / mum-stuff.

3) Schedule

Ensure that all your fixed appointments are in your calendar, such as client calls, meetings etc.

4) Block time

Now comes the fun part.

Start blocking out time for your various categories across your calendar for the week. It doesn’t matter what you do in those blocked times as long as you’re working on the category i.e Monday 9 am – 11 am “Marketing”; Tuesday 4-6 pm Domestic Bliss and so on.

5) Plan ahead

Planning ahead for things like mealtimes, scheduled content and Canva templates conserve mental energy because you don’t have to think about it. You just do.

6) Turn off all notifications

Switch off all notifications and give yourself the gift of focus. You will get more done in less time and be way more likely to create your best work from a place of flow without constant distractions and demands.

Creating great habits of structure and routine will also support that sense of ease because you’re mitigating overwhelm, you have clarity every day and best of all you’re making progress with grace.

Since I’ve implemented more systems into my business, I can’t believe how much I get done and in a fraction of the time.

If you’re done with the struggle and you’re open-minded to doing business in a way that feels easy and free from resistance, then why not book a call with me to discuss how I can help you do that.

You can book your strategy call with me using the button here.


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