How A Blind Date Taught Me a Powerful Universal Truth That Helped My Business

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The Universe is always delivering answers to your questions. Fact.

I want to share a personal story to serve as a reminder to trust that the universe is always, always, ALWAYS responding to your desires!

Your only job is to get into the receptive mode so you can perceive and receive!

If you’re asking questions e.g.Perhaps you’re stuck trying to figure something out, or you want to feel more confident, or your desire is making you feel bad because you can’t see how you could ever get it, then you’re seeking solutions. Right?
You may be asking questions such as How can I get this? How can I feel more [fill in the blank]? What do I need to accomplish XYZ?

The problem is that we tend to ask those questions but then stay in the mindset and state of being that inspired the question in the first place.

This is what Einstein was talking about when he said No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It.” From that same level of consciousness, we can’t perceive or receive the solution even when the Universe is delivering in broad daylight!

But because, by Universal law, every question you ask must be answered, the Universe, source, higher self, god or whatever you choose to call that higher power, will continue to flow answers to you!

I love to use my imagination here and picture the universe rallying forces and saying “Right – she’s not getting the message we’re offering, so we need to find another way to deliver it so she CAN get it!”

Those forces will continue to work to find the path of least resistance – a side door if you will – so that very often your answer comes in surprising and unexpected ways.

My personal experience of this came on the back of a question I’d been asking which sounded like “How can I feel good enough?”

That question was kicked up by an up levelling situation in my business and I was launching into some next level stratosphere. I recognised that my upper limit was being tickled as I was feeling fear and wondering “am I good enough?”.
I started stalling! Days passed and I wasn’t taking the action I needed to take to move forward. I was getting increasingly frustrated as well as overwhelmed by the accumulating workload.

As a result, I found myself asking “how can I feel good enough to successfully help my clients?”

I knew logically that I can help my clients – I’ve helped countless people, known and unknown through my coaching, my courses, training, and my book – but I needed to inherently feel it in order to step up to my next level of growth.
The question was “out there”.

And the Universe was sending me answers in the form of messages of thanks from clients for the breakthroughs in results they were experiencing… and yet it wasn’t “landing” where I needed it to.
I wasn’t feeling it. I was still in my swamp.

This is where the Universe took a different tack. It needed to take my focus away from the business because I was too mired in the problem there.
So, completely off-topic, the subject of love became the forefront of my attention. I was attracted to an experience in which I was going to go on a blind date. It was new and exciting and as we chatted on Whatsapp I was blown away by the number of serendipitous connections that we shared. Of course, there are no coincidences!

I was feeling excited and ready to call in new love and this felt all so perfect. After chatting for several days, we set a date for coffee but the morning of the date, he did a U-turn and cancelled with the words “Sorry but I think we’re on different paths – our values aren’t aligned – great chatting, good luck with life and goodbye!”
And just like that, – over, gone…

All of a sudden I’m feeling the pang of rejection! Ouch! Heart sore…followed by the agony of judgment! Wow! I’ve been judged and this person hasn’t even met me so how can he know what my values are!?
I was momentarily thrown in the weeds of rejection and judgment when a knock at the door broke my state.

Ah, it’s the delivery of my daughter’s new bed…

Weird! It’s the wrong day! The bed was booked to arrive the following morning, oh well…

Because of COVID, the bed delivery guys were not allowed to take the bed upstairs for me so they left it at the foot of the stairs. I’d become used to single-handedly lumbering furniture up and down stairs since I moved to this new house after my marriage ended in 2013 so I was fine with this.

Once the flurry of delivery guys and signing receipts was done, I found myself once again alone to start thinking about the horrible feelings going on inside of me. I started to lug the heavy mattress up the stairs, negotiating the bannister and trying not to knock pictures off walls…
As I’m doing this, I’m muttering away to myself “What did I say? What was so wrong that this guy couldn’t even bring himself to meet me for coffee!??”
Suddenly in between pushing and pulling the mattress and my breathless ranting, my perspective shifts. Suddenly, the pain of rejection subsides and indignation steps in!

“Hang-on- a- minute!! How dare someone judge me and make assumptions about me when they have NO idea who I am!!! I’ve rebuilt my life from scratch at age 40! I’ve supported my children, and created a business from the ground up – I’ve gone through unimaginable fear, angst, sleepless nights and anxiety and I’ve never relied on anyone…” Lug! Lug! Lug the mattress around the corner “… I didn’t have to question how I was to pay for my daughter’s new bed, Goddamn it! I just bought it! Because I created this money for myself!! I’ve cleared myself of debt… and…and…and…”

I found myself defiantly arguing in favour of myself! I was getting very passionate about defending how much I’ve grown, and how much I’ve helped other women rebuild their lives and businesses! And now these women get to be strong role models for everyone in their lives and …

And so as I’m building my daughters bed, arguing with thin air, I suddenly realised…

OOooohhhh!!! I get it!!! This experience was a gift!! This guy was a messenger!! This highly charged moment was the fast path to me stepping up to the new feeling state of “good enough” that I was seeking.

I started to laugh, and bask in appreciation for the flow and fun of life.

Those guys showed up on the “wrong” day with perfect timing! Ha!

The Universe is always delivering answers to your questions – just make sure that you’re asking the right questions!

Ask questions that are empowering as opposed to disempowering ones, for example, don’t ask “What’s wrong with me? What can’t I get this right?” Stay away from those questions!

And once you’ve asked your question, let it go. Release, relax and be open to receive the answer.

It’s on its way.

Oh and P.S.! After this perspective shift, I went straight into massive aligned action and launched my next level programme and had clients signing up even before it went live! Thank you, Universe!

Love Sanae x


  1. Rebecca May

    I really enjoyed this blog, it is a great reminder that we are always guided and given the answers and a reminder to ask the right questions . Thank you Sanae

    • Sanae Floyd

      Thank you for your comment Rebecca! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yes – ask empowering questions and you’ll always receive empowering answers! Much love to you x

  2. Rebecca May

    I really enjoyed this blog, it is a great reminder that we are always guided and given the answers and a reminder to ask the right questions . Thank you Sanae

    • Sanae Floyd

      Thank you for your comment Rebecca! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yes – ask empowering questions and you’ll always receive empowering answers! Much love to you x


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