The No.1 Quality You Must Cultivate in order to Thrive in Your Online Coaching Business

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Regardless of what stage you’re at in your coaching business journey, there is one quality that you must work on every single day in order to continue to grow and thrive.

Perhaps you’re doing great and excited in anticipation of the more that’s on its way, or quite possibly you’re feeling discouraged by your lack of results. You’re not getting enough leads and clients through the door and no matter what you try, nothing seems to work.

Either way, this quality is the answer to your dreams and your prayers!

A bold claim I know! But trust me, I know!

I know the entrepreneurial hamster wheel that you can get caught up on when every day looms the same – you can easily get caught up in a spiral of stinking thinking that drags you down.

I remember waking up every morning with a dread knot in my chest and in the pit of my gut. I’d ‘gee’ myself, push past my insecurities enough to momentarily feel inspired and take some action. I’d spend much of my day double checking my inbox for new client enquiries, see there were none and wind up feeling more invisible than ever! I’d have alone weep or cry on my partner’s shoulder and then promise tomorrow will be better before falling asleep…

Not fun!! Maybe, you can relate!

What changed for me? I became diligent in this quality.

So, what’s the No.1 quality? OK, I’ll stop beating around the proverbial bush, my love.

It’s consistent! Gah!! Sorrrreeeeeeee!!! It’s not sexy but it promises the world if you master it!

You really need to get obsessed with it!!

Get obsessed with being consistent because consistency is the grand matriarch of all personal workout coaches!

Consistency isn’t just about changing your health, sticking to a schedule, or completing a course.

Consistency is about upgrading your self-esteem, keeping your promises to yourself and up-leveling your state of being, so that you become the person who truly believes they can accomplish anything they set their heart and mind to. A true change maker and leader.

It’s so simple and yet why do we so often fail to follow through? Why is it so difficult to stay consistent?

Being consistent with anything that promises growth, expansion and next-level success can feel impossible at times because we’re literally working against our own deeply wired neurology! More on this in a moment but let me just cover some of the practices that I definitely recommend you implement into your daily / weekly schedule.

Oh and p.s…I don’t just mean for the next few days or weeks. I mean, until you start getting the results and you start getting hooked on these practices!

  1. List 10 things for which you’re grateful and why you’re grateful for them. Don’t just think of them, write them down!
  2. Affirm your goals in the present tense and give thanks for them as already achieved
  3. Visualise your goals as you’re affirming them.
  4. Create a mantra that you repeat whenever you’re driving, washing up or walking i.e I’d mantra “I’m Paid In Full” over and over until I became debt-free. How about “I’m wildly wealthy” “I’m a client magnet” “I’m seriously successful” Woo hoo!!!
  5. Read for 15-30 minutes a day of inspirational and uplifting personal development books and/or listen on audible or Youtube while you’re walking the dog, tidying the house etc
  6. Write one piece of content per day for Social Media, your website or your email for the next 30 days
  7. Commit to showing up on video or live stream every day for the next 30 days (and once you’ve created the muscle, drop it to 3 times per week)
  8. If you’ve bought a course (or several) that are gathering dust in your inbox, decide to complete one and carve out 2 or 3 blocks in your weekly schedule that you’ll commit to that one course until you complete. Oh! Em! Gee! You’ll feel like a rock star!!

These super-simple practices will TRANSFORM your life and your business!

They shift what you’re focusing on and what you focus on expands.

You begin to build new neural pathways and through repetition, your subconscious mind becomes impregnated with these new ideals. As you flood your system with the feel-good hormones that these practices produce, you start to vibrate at a whole new frequency.

Simple, profound, transformational.

OK, so let’s talk about what to do to mitigate self-sabotage because I guarantee a part of you will try to talk yourself out of doing these things (you might even be resisting right now!)

As we threaten our reptilian brain with results beyond the safety of our self-identity, it will FREAK OUT and do everything to bring you back down.

The antidote to this is Awareness.

If you’re aware of what’s happening in your body and your nervous system you can literally speak yourself down from the ledge. You might sound insane to anyone within earshot but I promise you it works i.e “Oh hello? My body is experiencing fear right now which is a sign that I’m growing – Aw, love to you lizardy for trying to protect me but there’s no grizzly bear here! We’re safe”

Or “oh wow! A voice just popped into my brain and said “What’s the point?!” Isn’t that funny? It’s ok lizardy, I’ve got this!”

Yep! You got it!! I’m encouraging you to talk to your lizardy brain and reassure it every time it shows up that you’ve got this, you’re safe and the adult you is fully in control!

Comment below and share the daily consistent habits that serve you!! We’d love to read about them at Sanae Floyd HQ!

Love Sanae


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