How To Recognise And Release Your Money Blocks (And Let The Good Times Roll!)

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Let’s talk about MONEY BLOCKS!!

Money is a highly charged emotive subject. People feel guilty when they have it and shame when they don’t.

As Tony Robbins says “Money is explicit…raw…garish” Not light words!

Isn’t it interesting how we don’t think twice about asking our dinner guests about their health and their love life “So, how did you guys meet?” But you’d silence the room if you asked them how much they earn or, heaven forbid, how much debt they’re in (and very likely not be invited back for dinner ever again!).

And yet the subject of money is pervasive.

The lack of it drives us nuts, makes us white with fear and when we’re not making it, we believe we’re failing… and the pain of it feels so real.

And there’s so much STRESS!!

Truth is: Whatever the meaning you’ve assigned to money and debt is dictating your results.

I should know. I was in a toxic relationship with money and debt for 23 years.

The lowest point? £47,788 owing across various credit cards, loans, and overdrafts. And not a soul knew. I didn’t actually know either until I hit rock bottom and had to do something about it because I was in denial. My shame was all-consuming.

[Side note: I did clear my debts in just over 6 months after putting myself under the metaphorical microscope to reveal my money blocks. Results came in faster than I could ever imagine once I released my money blocks and it was a transformational experience. You can learn about my journey and my process in my book which became a #1 bestseller “Paid in Full: Free Yourself From The Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!” by clicking on this link ]

So back to the point. Whatever the meaning you’ve assigned to money and debt is dictating your results.

But how???

Well, it’s because your thoughts determine your emotions, your emotions dictate your behaviors and actions, and your behaviors and actions are determining your results and outcomes.

So if you’re unhappy with your results, it’s time to become more self-aware of what your thoughts and emotions are.

Let’s look at some common symptoms of money blocks that will need your attention:

❇️ If you’re constantly implementing strategies and yet not making more than a few hundred pounds/dollars each month – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ If you see someone posting “Wooohoooo!!! I’ve smashed my £50k month goal!” and you feel jealous or defeated – rather than overjoyed and inspired – there’s a BLOCK (you cannot feel jealous and then expect to attract money – they’re two different frequencies!).

❇️ If you find it hard to talk about money on your sales calls when you’re presenting your solution to your prospect – if telling them your fees makes you feel uncomfortable and squirm – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ If you think that you’re undermining your spirituality by wanting to make money and be wealthy – there’s a BLOCK.

❇️ And if you’re perpetuating debt and getting deeper year on year – there’s a BLOCK.

The way to transform your circumstances is to unhinge the blocks, change your meanings and soften the emotional charge around money.

It’s the equivalent of bringing yourself into a neutral (healthier) state around the subject of money and debt.

Which removes the stress response in your body and enables you to think clearly, objectively and empower yourself into a state of open possibility and positivity.

Since I have transformed my own mindset around money and debt and therefore my results, I understand the journey and it’s enabled me to more powerfully serve my clients.

The key steps to your releasing your money blocks are:

Awareness: Awareness is the first step to change so begin to operate with conscious awareness of your thoughts and feelings around money

Feel to Heal: Whenever you feel a negative emotional charge in your body when you’re focused on the topic of money (in any of its forms) then STOP! Place ALL of your attention into where in your body that charged stuck emotion is and allow yourself to fully experience it. This will free up the charge to move through you and dissipate

Rewrite your story: As your increased awareness reveals the limiting beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck (and broke), you can rewrite them. It’s simple. Just choose a new belief!! There are no absolutes so choose what you want to be true for yourself and focus all of your attention on it.

Seek the evidence: As you focus your attention on your new chosen empowering story/belief then actively and consciously seek evidence and references to back it up. This will strengthen it in both your conscious and subconscious minds.

This process works powerfully to change your perspective and as you clean up your internal fears and resistances to money, you can take aligned action and allow the clients and money to flow into your life.

Sanae xx


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