Release Resistance and Manifest Magic

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I’d always assumed that my tenacity and determination has been behind much of the results I’ve achieved in my life, believing that my grit and steely resolve has served me well in many a tight corner.

But recently, I’ve been more inclined to a different conclusion.

We’re drawn to the idea of a higher power.  We discover “The Secret” and then we read the books and everything feels so beautiful.

We’re amazed by the synchronicities we notice and we become ever so aware of how we’re feeling…

…Sometimes we drive ourselves crazy fearing feeling bad in case we attract bad, right?

So, we start ‘asking’ with intention “I am so happy and grateful now that I am…”.

We practice focusing on feeling good in the presence of the thought of already having what we want. We start taking action.

But then, all too often, nothing happens.  We start wondering why it’s not ‘working’.  As Abraham Hicks mocks we start asking “Where’s my stuff?”

As I’ve studied the subject and I’ve observed my own manifestations and lack thereof I’ve discovered that I’m really a manifestation master.

Of course, we all are.  We can’t help but manifest in every moment as our thoughts are constantly offering a vibration but I’m talking about manifesting exactly what you want.

I’m so excited for you reading this right now.  I’m inviting you to raise your awareness and gleefully celebrate the truth that you’re manifesting exactly what you want from the moment you find yourself in contrast.

Everything is a manifestation.   Your job is to release your resistance to it in order to receive it at each of the stages of it’s coming into physical being.

** Your desire (right from inception) is a manifestation.  It’s a manifestation of your expansion, evidence of an ever evolving you

** The feel good feelings you get when you imagine your new reality is a manifestation

** The books, conversations, articles and audios that inspire you in the direction of your desires are all manifestations

** The idea to take action that drops into your mind, seemingly out of the blue, is a manifestation

** The joy in taking the action with elation and expectancy is a manifestation

** The people, resources, opportunities that appear to support you on the way to realising your desires are all manifestations

** Your desire is unfolding and manifesting without you having to push and exert effort and clench your teeth.

Your job is to be aware and alert to any resistance you may be introducing at any of the stages of the unfolding, because the truth is, it’s unfolding with or without you. You’re receiving of it is dependent on you dropping your resistance.

I’ve realised that whenever I’ve manifested exactly what I wanted it’s because I had no resistance to it.

Often (and I didn’t know it at the time) but I had removed resistance to that which I desired simply by taking my focus off it and doing something else that quite simply made me feel happy.

OR the action I was taking in the direction of my desire was fun, exciting and put me in that delicious flow state, quite literally I was having fun along the journey rather than obsessing about the outcome and getting overwhelmed.

I’ve had so many people say to me that within hours of releasing the stress of needing to control their outcome, their desire manifests!!  I received this message recently that is testament to exactly this:

So you see, your only job is to feel amazing.  Do you think you can do that?

And if you don’t feel amazing because you’re focusing on your current “reality”, celebrate knowing that you’re starting a new manifestation process because you’re launching new desires of what you want instead.  A brand new unfolding is happening for you.

Have a wonderful day.

Love Sanae xx

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