Releasing Resistance so you can Receive

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Resistance is the opposite of receiving.

When I think about receiving, I think of being open and expectant.

Open minded and open-hearted, emitting a vibration that is smooth and free flowing. The positive outflow of energy is a gentle, yet powerful, undulating frequency that is easy and clear in intention.

Resistance on the other hand is like rapid jerky high frequency static. It’s noisy and confusing.

It blocks the flow of energy. It keeps you fenced in and perpetuating your current ‘reality’ because you can’t see beyond what is immediately in your now.

Resistance is the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that hold you apart from what you want.

Negative stinking thinking, feelings of fear and anxiety, procrastination, overwhelm and even working to the brink of burn out are all forms of resistance.

Resistance has a vibration that is counter to the free-flowing vibration of receiving.

When you find yourself experiencing a negative experience you automatically have a thought along the lines of “I don’t want this” and at that moment you have more clarity on what you do want.

For example, if you’re in an argument with your spouse, you emit a desire for more harmony; If you receive an unexpected bill, you emit a desire for more money; If you have an injury or illness, you emit a desire for wellness and good health

Abraham Hicks calls these emissions “rockets of desire”. These rockets fire out into the universe and the Universe is responding to you. Think of them as vibrational requests that once made have the Universe busy gathering together all of the necessary co-operative components to bring about the physical manifestation.

What stops your desires manifesting into your reality is, again, your choice of focus. You know you want harmony with your spouse, more money for your bills and improved health because the nature of your current reality has clarified that for you. But rather than focusing on those positive desires you stay simmering over the argument or worrying about the bill or talking about your injury or illness to whoever will listen.

You keep the negative experience ‘active’ in your vibration. You unwittingly introduce resistance.

Feeling good means holding fast to the feelings that the desire, the preferred state, evokes and riding the high vibe frequency of expectation and excitement.

It means being open-minded and open-hearted in order to receive the inspired ideas, opportunities and possibilities that start showing up in response to your energy.

When you experience resistance in your vibration, the fastest ways to release are to:

Change the subject

Quite literally take yourself away from the subject that is causing the resistance.

You may choose to meditate to quiet the thoughts or go for a walk or run with music or with a friend who you can talk about anything with (of course anything that isn’t the topic causing resistance!).

You go take a nap if the thoughts are so distracting and you have a lot of momentum behind them. Taking a nap resets your vibration so long as when you wake up you don’t immediately focus back on the problem.

Align with the vibrational frequency of what you want to achieve, by doing something easier that has a matching frequency

For example: Let’s say you’re beating yourself up for having an “unproductive” week in your business.
Those thoughts and feelings will be keeping you from inspired action and worsening your lack of productivity.

So, start affirming productivity and get yourself engaged in tasks that you can take immediate action on with ease that helps you feel productive.

This is about taking baby-steps to incrementally shift your frequency to match the state you want to create.

You may be thinking, hang on a minute Sanae! This sounds a lot like permission to procrastinate!

Not so! I’m not telling you to go clean the shoe cupboard to avoid working on your business! I’m talking about shifting your frequency so you’re empowered to do more and feel good doing it, instead of trying to force an outcome.

Here’s to getting out of resistance and into receiving!

Love Sanae


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