How to Revive Your Passion and Jump-Start Your Coaching Business…And Avoid Driving Yourself Into A Ditch!

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Do you feel like your business is stagnating?

When you review where you were 12 or even 24 months ago…

Has very little changed, in spite of your continuous inner work and outer efforts?

When you’re feeling like you’re wading through the proverbial treacle, caught up in a cycle of “same old, same old” your business can be really draining.

Your once passionate drive has become more of a barely-there-fizzle.

And it’s terrifying.

It’s a scary place because your passion was the mountain moving energy that got your business off the ground in the first place!

Without it, your actions feel like pushing a boulder uphill, you second guess everything, doubt yourself and you can’t make a decision if your life depended on it!

You start something and then immediately you doubt it so you’re drawn to start something else.

Projects, courses and books clog up your inner and outer environment as you flit from one to the other searching for answers – seeking relief, peace of mind…your missing passion.

If you’re reading this? Here’s the answer:

You’re being called to up-level.

Nothing will change unless YOU change.

You MUST change your energy. You’re back-peddling, second-guessing and overthinking your every move because you’re trying to re-create from the PAST.

You’re seeking the safety of what is “known” to you when that’s not where your soul is calling you to.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.

You can’t expect to create new results and next-level success with the old ways of being and doing.

Granted. Let’s honour the old ways because they got you so far but now you’re being called to more.

You’ve got to raise your consciousness.

Your old conditioning characterised as “Work hard, push, hustle and sacrifice” got you to this point.

But every fibre of your being is resisting your next level because your old programming brings with it the fear of burning out.

Your subconscious mind is protecting that part of you that believes “The success I have created so far took such hard work – how can I possibly do any more to get the more that I want without killing myself??!”

Nothing changes unless YOU change.

How do you start to change?

By making a decision. That’s right.

A decision. One that says “I’m done! I’m stepping up. I’m drawing a line in the sand ”

The Universe CANNOT support you when you’re UNDECIDED. The Universe is wanting to co-operate and co-create with you but you make it impossible.

When you’re undecided, you’re flip-flopping about like a fish out of water. Chopping and changing your mind, going this way and then going that way.

But once you step up and make a decision, and I mean a real badass, no-nonsense, non-negotiable decision, the Universe moves…


…Just for you.

I know you know this is true because it’s resonating with your heart. You’ve experienced this before. Anytime you made a scary decision and you acted.

Anytime you leapt, to coin a cliche, the ground rose to meet you.

If this has a blog has caught your attention, I believe you’re reading this because you were meant to.

Your coaching business means the world to you and you’re passionate about helping others transform their lives and sharing your message with the world.

You’re also passionate about growth, creating a business that provides you with the security and freedom for yourself and your family and the pride that brings.

So what could you accomplish in the next 12 months if you made a decision to do so?

What if you had an expert coach by your side week in week out helping you up-level out of your old conditioning?

To work with you to align your mission and your message to attract your next level client? Those who pay you a premium for your specialist services.

To coach you past your blocks so you can shift the needle on your business a full 180° with ease and grace.

What could you accomplish in the next 12 months that would change your life forever?

What mountains would you move?

While all the time being supported and held accountable as you take consistent aligned action, operating from your zone of genius and creating from a place of high consciousness flow state

As your new focus gains traction, success builds on the success and your life and business progress with crazy momentum!!

And at each up-level you go through, as your coach, I help you navigate them with grace and ease.

I’ve created my 12-month premium level coaching and mentoring programme to be a unique immersion – blending the psychology and the strategy for your ascension to greater success.

If you’re ready to unhook that invisible bungee rope that keeps pulling you back into old default ways of thinking and doing…

And create cellular level transformation then schedule a strategy call with me today to discuss my 12-month coaching programme.

My clients have broken through invisible ceilings month in month out and up levelled their lives beyond what they imagined possible. And it’s possible for you too!

Click here to schedule your strategy call with me today.


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