‘Rushing’ is resistance

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There was a time in my business when I would feel physically sick by the thought of how much I had to do…

I resented doing anything that didn’t feel related to my business.

I would feel stress in my body as I looked at the clock and realised that school was out and I’d have to cut short whatever I was working on and put my ‘mum-hat’ on.

Mealtimes were often a hash of whatever I could respectfully get away with throwing together from the freezer until I “had time” to go to the supermarket.

I was in a state of hyper-vigilance. Fight or flight.

Then one day, during meditation I realised with such profound clarity that all of this rushing and pushing and striving was simply a reflection of my belief that “I’m not enough”.

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

“I’m not enough” until I prove myself with constant accomplishment -bigger and bigger.

As soon as I reached a milestone (literally within the same sentence as “Yessssss!! I’ve done it!”) I’d start focusing on the next milestone.

I was failing to notice and celebrate all my successes along the way.

Everything changed for me from that moment on. I slowed right down…and my progress towards my goals sped up.

Rushing is resistance, it is a lack of faith in the process and is believing that the attainment of your highest desires rests solely on you.

That’s the biggest lie you’re telling yourself (and is it any wonder when we’ve been brought up with this lie?)

You’re not alone. There are forces at work on your behalf bringing EVERYTHING you need to help you achieve anything and everything you want.

The moment I slowed down, resources showed up in the most unexpected ways to support me. There was no mistaking them.

But it was up to me to let them in.

What resistance can you release today? Let me know in the comments.

Love you

Sanae xx

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