Sales Mastery for Coaches: 3 Shifts To Boost Your Sales Confidence

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Speaking with a client yesterday, she admitted that whenever she thought about sales calls the thought “Maybe I should just get a full time job” always followed!

The thought of having to do sales calls was enough to make her want to throw in the towel before she’d even started!

She’s not alone.

Sales can feel really scary if you’ve not done it before.

Not only that, we have it almost burned into our psyches that selling is sleazy and salespeople are unscrupulous, uncaring and out of integrity.

That’s hard to shake off especially if you’ve had personal experience of someone trying to sell you timeshares back in the day!

Or if you’ve seen the movie ‘Matilda’ and Danny De Vito’s car salesman character! He’s hilarious, but unfortunately plays to a familiar stereotype!

So if sales makes you squeamish then let’s look at some simple reframes to get you into the right space to begin mastering this essential business skill:

1) Passion for what you do and who you do it for puts you at a distinct advantage when it comes to success in sales. When you’re in alignment with your passion, that powerful energy infuses everything you do. Never underestimate the influence of passion.

You’re not selling something you don’t care about, you’re not sitting in a telesales call centre talking to faceless people you know nothing about pushing the hard sell!

You’re sharing your knowledge, experience and skills to transform another’s life. That’s worth getting passionate about!

2) Follow a Sales Process Too often, when I speak to coaches about their sales calls they say “I just wing it” (to use a technical term). They have no structure to their sales conversation and I do not recommend this. In my 25 years as a Sales Coach and mentor, I have seen without exception that having a sales process to follow is 100% more effective than winging it!

Without a sales process, you risk losing control of the conversation. When you don’t have control of the conversation, it makes it difficult to introduce your offer without feeling icky; you risk the client feeling uncomfortable because there’s no container for them in which to feel safe and the result is a “chat” that might be friendly but it lacks the stability and professionalism needed to close a sale. This is particularly important when your rates are in the £000’s.

3) Practice standing in your power as the specialist you are. You’ve got to own your area of expertise and show up to the call in that energy.

Your prospect is looking to you as a specialist, they have a problem and they want to know “Can you help me?” and if so “What does that look like?”

Remember, you only need to be 1 or 2 steps ahead of your ideal client to still be able to help them. None of us has all of our shit together so let go of the need to be perfect and start standing in your power and owning your genius.

Helpful?  Comment below and let me know!

Love Sanae

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